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Labour Talking Tough on Unemployed Benefit

Labour Talking Tough on Unemployed Benefit

LABOUR TALKING TOUGH ON UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFIT – New Labour plans, unveiled yesterday, will see the unemployed being subjected to basic English and math tests and those who fail will lose their entitlement to benefits if they refused training under Labour’s new rules.

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The new move by Labour is obviously being made in order to pacify public sentiment in the lead up to the next General Election.

The taxpaying public have undoubtedly had a belly full of being taken for a ride and never more so when they are subjected to on-going austerity measures; it appears that they now view the welfare system as nothing more than a way for the lazy to benefit from their hard work.

You can’t blame the taxpayer; many now view working as nothing more than a mugs game for whilst they toil and pay taxes a certain segment of the population sit around and do nothing and then have the audacity to moan and berate the Government for reforming welfare.

It was of course in October 2013 that the Prime Minister David Cameron announced the new ‘Earn or Learn’ programme that effectively is identical to what Labour is now suggesting.


Cameron Vows Benefit Crackdown with Learn or Earn Scheme

Such a move appears that Labour is now prepared to mirror and match anything the current coalition Government propose simply to ensure Labour has a running chance in the next General Election.

As with any scheme politicians come up with there are two sides to the equation and in what Labour is now considering would of course mean an increase in public spending in order to support those who are forced into education in order to increase their chances of employment.

However admirable such a plan might appear it has a fundamental flaw in that you cannot expect a person to learn a subject in which they have little or no interest.

In order to learn and learn effectively, a person must have a deep interest in the subject matter in which they are exposed to; it is the reason why higher education students pick what they want to learn, for information is better absorbed and retained when the interest factor within a subject is sufficiently high.

According to Labour’s Work and Pensions spokesman Rachel Reeves, the cost of running such a scheme will be offset in the long term. Unfortunately, Ms. Reeves didn’t provided any indication as to how long it would take in order to reach a point where the cost would be offset; that is getting people back into work and paying taxes into the system.

Another question that needs answering is what happens to those who pass through the education system but fail to find long-term employment; do we simply force those back through the education system again at the taxpayers’ expense?

There can be no arguing that education, to a point, is a good thing and this scheme might indeed work well if it took on the persona of a ‘vocational’ scheme; that is teach people real skills that can be used in the work place.

It certainly appears that Labour are attempting to ride the coattails of the coalition Government for it is evidently a mirror image of what Mr. Cameron proposed back in October 2013 and therefore Labour have very little to bring to the table.

The current Government, at least on the side of the Tories, have been more than willing to examine the culture of welfare and the disastrous side-effects it has on society.

The downside to this is that its coalition partners, notably Nick Clegg, has refused to support the Tories in their quest for reducing the cost of welfare and ultimately relieving the taxpayer from the burden of supporting those who have chosen a lifestyle of scrounging.

What the British public needs to do now, as we lead up to the next General Election, is to carefully examine what the political parties have to offer.

It is a full gone conclusion that the Liberal Democrats will never garner sufficient support to form a single Government but the issue here is that the British electorate needs to decisively support either Labour or the Tories for another coalition that involves Nick Clegg and his left-wing progressive policies will almost decisively bankrupt Britain.

I for one begin to wonder how David Cameron would be perceived today if he didn’t have to kowtow to his liberal lap dog and therefore had the freedom to decisively plan and implement policy that could well solve many of the issues Britain has with welfare.

As for Labour and Red Ed… well, it’s pretty clear that Mr. Miliband is fully controlled by the Unions and in particular Len McCluskey; a man who if he had his way would rule over the Government with a rod of iron and hold the entire system to ransom in order to satisfy his socialist ideologies.

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