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Labour to Offer MORE Welfare for those Losing their Jobs

Labour to Offer MORE Welfare for those Losing their Jobs

LABOUR TO OFFER MORE WELFARE FOR THOSE LOSING THEIR JOBS – Labour’s Work and Pensions spokesman Rachel Reeves has announced that under new plans Labour would offer anyone who has lost their job and been employed for 5 years or more, a £120 dole bonus.

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You really can understand why some animals eat their young.

Just as the nation finally comes to grips with reality, in that welfare is the single most destructive economic plan ever devised, along comes Labour and announces it’ll hand out even more taxpayer’s money.

Delusional is the only possible word that could be said for such a plan; indeed Rachel Reeves was only just the other day on her soap box announcing a new ‘Earn or Learn’ scheme for the unemployed; which by the way mirrored that of what the Tories announced at last year’s Conservative Party Conference.


Labour Talking Tough on Unemployed Benefit

We’ve witnessed fool hardy plans and ideas but isn’t it now abundantly clear that not only has Labour completely lost the plot but are evidently unable to come up with any construction solutions of their own?

There might be some quarters out there delusional enough to consider that they’ve paid in so it’s only right they take out… wake up! It doesn’t work that way and with Britain’s ever increasing national debt pushing the country into financial oblivion it is this attitude that will drive it there even quicker.

The only thing Ms. Reeves should be entitled to at present is a free jacket from the national health so that she and the rest of the idiotic public school sect are restrained from doing any more damage than they already have.

Yes the Tories aren’t much better.  Economically David Cameron, by the next General Election, will have added a further £700 billion to the national debt; this is a far cry from the £150 billion added by Tony Blair or the £250 billion accrued by Gordon Brown.

However, at least at this critical juncture the Government is attempting to curb Welfare which again remains one of the largest drains on the public finances.

Despite Ms. Reeve’s attempt to garner public support for the Labour Party, she failed to explain how such a scheme would be funded.

Of course anyone with a modicum of common sense will tell you that it can’t be funded for we already borrow billions of pounds a year in order to prop up the current welfare system so by adding more cost simply equates to more borrowing.

It’s not surprising that the Tories are currently lapping this one up like a bunch of ravaged kittens at a bowl of cream and referring to Ms. Reeve’s and the Labour policy as being ‘economically illiterate.’

It’s about time the British public insisted that each and every politician undertake random checks for substance abuse for whatever Ms. Reeve’s is on I’d certainly like a pint of it, for then I too could drift off into La La Land among the Teletubbies and live a beautiful life free from the constraints of economic reality.

At this point it could be worse… that is this poor delusional and clearly ignorant soul could actually be the Work and Pensions Secretary; something that could be a reality if the British voter loses all sense of veracity in the next General Election.

No wonder a recent health survey declared 45% of the British public as suffering from depression.

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Labour to Offer MORE Welfare