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Landlord Claims Eastern Europeans Make Better Tenants

Landlord Claims Eastern Europeans Make Better Tenants

LANDLORD CLAIMS EASTERN EUROPEANS MAKE BETTER TENANTS – Fergus Wilson, a former math teacher turned buy-to-let tycoon with a property portfolio worth in excess of £250 million, is systematically evicting tenants on housing benefit claiming those from Eastern Europe make far better tenants.

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After reading this article on the Daily Mail and The Guardian I wasn’t overly surprised at the mixed bag of reader comments.

A few people hoped that the interest rates would rise so that Mr. Wilson goes bust; referring to him as a parasite who feeds on the poor and those who are victims of an uncaring and cruel society.

That of course is one way to look at it but in our view that’s an extremely narrow minded observation.

Mr. Wilson certainly didn’t wake up one morning to find himself a rich man with an extensive property portfolio.

Fergus Wilson - Buy to Let Property Tycoon

Mr. Wilson, like hundreds of entrepreneurs, saw a demand and seized upon the opportunity to make money and through years of toil and hard work he and his wife have managed to build up a profitable enterprise.

We suspect that most of the derogatory comments come from people living on benefits for Mr. Wilson has singled them out as problematic tenants who don’t always pay their rent on time.

Like any business Mr. Wilson requires his customers to pay him so that in turn he is able to pay the bills and his employees.

Mr. Wilson points out that he’s not the only private landlord to take action and recent research has suggested that now just one in five private landlords are willing to rent to those on housing benefit.

Mr. Wilson points out that housing benefits have been dropping; this of course is a good thing for the taxpayer but it’s not conductive when tenants who work and pay the commercial rates are significantly hire.  This simply comes down to good business sense and all businesses need to maximise on profits if they are able to reinvest and make the business grow.

The housing charity Shelter recently warned the Government of ‘housing benefit blackspots’ these being areas where tenants on housing benefit have been forced to move out due to more and more private landlords issuing eviction notices.

Once again the focus on the issue appears to be leveled at the ‘entitled’ recipients of housing benefit and how cruel and unkind private landlords have become.

The truth is that this wouldn’t be an issue if most of those receiving housing benefits bothered to get a job and pay their way just like any other responsible taxpaying citizen.

Yes we do need to consider that there are a number of people who receive housing benefit but are also trying; that is they work and work hard but are saddled with low income jobs.

This is the section of the population that we should be most concerned about for there is no denying they are trying to help themselves and therefore maybe the Government should provide more assistance.

The last issue here of course is the Eastern Europeans.  It would be safe to say that a growing proportion of the population is against the right of free movement and Eastern Europeans flooding Britain and taking all the jobs.

Yes it appears unfair that British jobs are not being given to British citizens but what does this say about the British citizen?  It has often been successfully argued that if the lazy in British got off their backsides there would be few if any jobs for immigrants.

People often talk about there being no jobs but it’s clear that many Eastern Europeans would disagree considering they can find them.

The issue with Britain is our indoctrination of ‘entitlement’.  We have gotten used to the idea that the Government will take us from the cradle to the grave and we expect them to do so.

It’s about time the British taxpaying public stood up and demanded deeper cuts in welfare in order to force a lazy population back into work.  We now need to make a stand and not only work but work harder than our Eastern European cousins, for if they are willing to work then and we are not then we simply have no room to berate them or accuse the Government or the private sector of being cruel and unsympathetic to the needs of the British people.

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