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Layaway Santa Pays Off Customers Outstanding Credit

Layaway Santa Pays Off Customers Outstanding Credit

LAYAWAY SANTA PAYS OFF CUSTOMERS OUTSTANDING CREDIT – It’s being referred to as nothing short of a Christmas miracle as one businessman, Grey Parady, spent US$20,000 of his own money to pay off a number of layaway accounts after overhearing someone saying they would have to cancel their account and lose money because times are tough.

Mr. Parady’s kindness brought members of staff and customers to tears as he took out his credit card and simply asked staff to sort out a number of customer layaway accounts so that he could pay off what was owed and help provide a little financial relief during the holiday season.

Greg Parady Layaway Santa

Mr. Parady originally entered the Wal-Mart store on The Villages, Florida with the intent to buy toys for a local charity event when he accidentally overheard a customer saying that she needed to cancel her account and the kids would just have to go without this Christmas – it was something that Mr. Parady couldn’t bear to hear and therefore stepped in and paid off the balance and then proceeded to do the same for many other accounts.

Cindy Nazzaro, Mr. Parady’s business partner was with him at the time but in a different part of the store when she heard a commotion and headed over to the customer service desk to see what was going on.

Ms. Nazzaro discovered what was going on and was delighted at the gesture of human kindness at a time when so many families are struggling to pay the bills.

At one point, Mr. Parady’s bank started to decline payment transactions for fear his credit card had been stolen but the issue was quickly resolved and he resumed paying off many layaway accounts.

Mr. Parady’s act of kindness is not unique as Wal-Mart stated that a number of ‘layaway Santa’ events have occurred on numerous other occasions across the U.S over recent years and states that over US$1.5 million has been given by people wanting to simply help others in times of need.

Wal-Mart, in the spirit of Christmas and in response to Mr. Parady’s generosity, announced it would match every layaway Santa’s contribution with a US$200 donation to Toys for Tots and also pledged to donate a further US$1 million to charity.

Way to go Mr. Parady and Wal-Mart… Merry Christmas.

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