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Liberal Democrat MP Wants to Bring Babies into the Commons

Liberal Democrat MP Wants to Bring Babies into the Commons

LIBERAL DEMOCRAT MP WANTS TO BRING BABIES INTO THE COMMONS – Liberal Democrat Business Minister Jo Swinson wants the right to bring babies into the House of Commons and declares that they would not be a distraction.

Ms. Swinson, who gave birth to a baby boy just before Christmas, feels that banning babies in the House of Commons is draconian and indeed bizarre.

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And you wonder why people have a tendency to focus their frustrations out on the Liberal Democrats?

Jo Swinson - Liberal Democrat MP - PortraitYet again only a liberal could possibly come up with such a notion; although it could be argued that a baby in the House of Commons wouldn’t in fact be out of place considering the infantile minds, such as Jo Swinson’s, who occupy the building.

What next Ms. Swinson; would you like the taxpayer to employ a firm of builders to create a crèche within the hallowed halls and then continue to fund it; not exactly an outrageous idea considering the taxpayer continues to support your lavish lifestyle for a job that’s clearly surplus to requirements.

The only truly bizarre episode here is that Ms. Swinson would possibly conceive such a notion, but there again when it’s clear you don’t have any other pressing issues to tackle why not come up with yet more liberal madness.

Ms. Swinson’s husband, MP Duncan Hames, another clearly deranged and detached Liberal Democrat, stated that his wife is perfectly correct and that the current rules were archaic; further stating that you could take a sword through the House of Commons but not a baby… I’m not quite sure as to how these two could possibly equate to one another but there again I’m not a liberal democrat.

It is of course irrelevant at the present time for Ms. Swinson is on maternity leave.  It’s also interesting to note that nobody in Parliament has provided a replacement in her absence, instead leaving her office to be run by her staff – could this be an indication that maybe her job is surplus to requirements and that the taxpayer is simply being fleeced yet again?

When you actually look at Ms. Swinson’s job description she is also responsible for ‘equalities’ and therefore the taxpayer could in fact be further vindicated if both jobs were made redundant.

Unfortunately for the austerity strapped taxpayer this is not the first time a liberal democrat has brought up such an issue; indeed in 2000 Betty Boothroyd, the then Speaker of the House blocked a bid to allow breastfeeding in the House of Commons.

Ms. Swinson, like all liberal democrats, would provide a far better service to their employers if they were to focus on the underlying issues facing the public instead of trying to introduce more political correctness madness that serves no benefit other than to the individual seeking it.

More political correct madness from Jo Swinson… Minister Calls for Ban on Calling People Fat – yes we are so infantile that we need more legislation.

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