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Liberal Democrats Reeling from their Liberal Progressiveness

Liberal Democrats Reeling from their Liberal Progressiveness

LIBERAL DEMOCRATS REELING FROM THEIR LIBERAL PROGRESSIVENESS – Sarah Vine, a columnist for the Daily Mail, wrote an article asking why all the kafuffle over Liberal Democrat Peer Lord Rennard; Ms. Vine suggests that maybe the women should have simply given the old goat a slap round the face and have done with it.

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Sarah Vine is of course completely correct in that the women should of slapped Lord Rennard around the face, gave him a ticking off and left it at that.

Unfortunately that’s not how things work in today’s politically liberal left-wing progressive society that the Liberal Democrats have worked so hard to forge.

It is pretty much a crime to even look at a woman in the work place and God forbid anyone who considers passing complimentary comments such as telling a woman how nice she looks.

No, such words would be viewed with perverted sexual overtones where complaints would be make, inquiries would be held and finally a tribunal at the public’s expense in order to compensate the aggrieved and abused.

Welcome to the world of the Liberal Democrats, a world that will pamper to the whim of anyone feeling that someone has taken a liberty with their liberty… yes it sounds completely ridiculous but when you look at the clowns running the Liberal Democrats and indeed the mind of a liberal democrat such stupidity is to be expected.

I certainly don’t agree with what Lord Rennard did and he should be duly punished by his removal from the Liberal Democrat party but the liberals, through their own doing, have blown this out of proportion and all in the name of ensuring that they conduct themselves with the highest level of political correctness.

OK, Lord Rennard might be viewed as a bit of a pervert and if that’s the case then it’s likely every man walking the earth is a pervert for what Lord Rennard did was to simply ‘try it on’ with a couple of members of staff resulting in them being offended and making a formal complaint which has now resulted in a Liberal Democrat Party crisis with Lord Rennard threatening legal action.

If you take the liberal stance literally and you are a devout follower of the politically correct progressives then any advancement made towards the opposite sex is going to be viewed as politically incorrect.

In the world of the delusional liberals it appears acceptable to act like five year olds in order to make your point… even if there’s no real point to be made, for that’s irrelevant in the mindset of a liberal in that everyone has a right to complain about anything regardless of how childish or trivial it happens to be; yes you can’t ignore the perceived oppressed.

Could this situation have been handled better?  Yes it could have been but that would have required common sense; something completely devoid in the Liberal Democrat party for these people like to make a big deal about nothing just so that they can be heard. The trouble is it is becoming apparent with the slide in public support that nobody really cares what they have to say and most will now openly acknowledge the damage the liberal progressive, politically correct regime has done to society as a whole.

As far as I’m concerned, I’d let these fools play out their game for this is turning into a revelation as to the true nature of those within the Liberal Democrat Party and might well see it collapse altogether.

Such an event would of course be welcomed in our society for then maybe we can all start facing the real social issues that affect us without some liberal telling us that it is politically incorrect to do so.

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