Life of a Stuntman by Ian Jamieson

Life of a Stuntman by Ian Jamieson

KASKADER, is Polish for ‘Stuntman’, it is defined as “a feat displaying unusual strength, skill, or daring”

In 1986 after 15 years without serious injury, world record holding stuntman Ian Jamieson found himself behind the Iron Curtain in Poland diving head first towards certain death.

Ian Jamieson is a life risker and holder of 5 world records for live stunt performances.

Ian led a troupe of Australian stuntmen who would headline a 5 week stunt show. This is a true story of the tour during which Ian nearly died twice, was a person of interest to the KGB and the Polish Secret Service. He found that love, the black market, bug hearts and drinking were all part of the Polish way of life.

It was the time of the nuclear reactor meltdown in Chernobyl, Ukraine and of the Solidarity strikes with Lech Walesa that added to the spice of Ian’s dramatic tour.

Ian’s first stunt was in front of 64,000 people in a stadium in Warsaw, a blindfolded high fall from more than 30 metres in to a landing pad of cardboard boxes which exploded on impact. Ian misjudged and missed the pad smashing into the ground. He woke up 3 hours after to find he was still alive with no broken bones but his chin had cracked his chest, the sternum which is a cartilage. Three weeks later he continued the tour performing for the next 6 weeks.

Interwoven between riveting descriptions of death defying stunts Ian gives us insights into the corruption and incompetence of a socialist system, while revealing the generosity and humour of a resolute Polish people.

Despite injury, continual pain and frustration Ian continued to perform amazing his own team.

His display of courage won the hearts of a nation and earned him the title of the KASKADER.

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