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Lillie McCloud Eliminated from XFactor is a Farce

Lillie McCloud Eliminated from XFactor is a Farce

LILLIE MCCLOUD ELIMINATED FROM XFACTOR IS A FARCE – I’ve been meaning to pen this article every since Lillie McCloud was eliminated from XFactor last week.

Lillie McCloud Eliminated from Xfactor

As a fan of the show I’ve certainly seen talent come and go but when Lillie McCloud was eliminated after a public vote I was in complete and utter shock.

The only conclusion that I could possibly come up with is that the U.S voting public had completely lost the plot and their marbles.

Seriously folks what possessed you to eliminate what is unquestionably incredible talent and talent that really should have been the winner of the XFactor.

Yes, the other contestants are good, extremely good, but none of them could possibly hold a candle to Lillie McCloud.

Simon Cowell, playing his usual role of Mr. Nasty, was certainly critical of Lillie’s last performance and even slated her mentor Kelly Rowland for not doing enough – yes Simon Cowell even have the nerve to say he could have done a far superior job.

It could be said that Lillie’s elimination on Thanksgiving was an apt time as she was slaughtered from the show by the voting public – yes, more than a few people passed comments that the American voters were simply turkeys in what was little more than a farce.

There were many other comments regarding Rion Paige who openly expressed their concerns that Rion simply scrapped in due to her condition and not her talent.

That of course was seen equally by many as a cruel assumption and yet the fact remains that Rion, whilst entertaining, doesn’t have a voice anywhere near comparable to Lillie McCloud or indeed many of the other contestants who have been eliminated.

As comments grew around Lillie’s elimination a definite connotation developed in as far as people felt that the XFactor has become tainted and that the American voting public really didn’t have a clue what talent was.

I’m sure Lillie McCloud will go on to great things but it’s just such a travesty of justice that she will no longer be competing and I for one won’t bother tuning in to watch any more of this year’s debacle.

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