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Living on Benefits and Proud

Living on Benefits and Proud

LIVING ON BENEFITS AND PROUD – The video above is a Channel 5 documentary that once again reveals the attitudes, struggles and indignation of those living on the backs of the hard working taxpayer.

In 2012 the cost of providing benefits, along with state pensions and all other handouts from the Department of Works and Pensions (DWP) rose to a staggering £684.89 billion.

Unfortunately that’s only half of the story for in order to keep paying out benefits the Government needs to increase its borrowing requirement and in 2012 just the interest payments to cover the cost of handing out billions in welfare payments came in at an eye-watering £48.2 billion.

Benefit Spending UK

In order to pay public expenses the Government has to borrow money. Britain is in fact broke and now carries a national debt of nearly £1.4 trillion; it’s a sum that continues to grow and one that will eventually force Britain to accept the same fate as Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Ireland although for Britain it’ll be much worse.

It is estimated that by the time Britain is declared bankrupt, which could occur in as little as 5 years, the European Union will also fold; that is it too will declare bankruptcy as Britain is one of the few EU member nations that provides vast amounts of public cash in order to keep it afloat.

There will be no bailout which was offered to the other member states, although they continue piling on more debt to pay off existing debt that they couldn’t afford to pay in the first instance, hence the bankruptcy, is without question complete and utter madness.

Anyone who takes the time to watch the video above in full will most likely end up shaking their heads and wondering why they bother working at all… after all it appears that the culture of entitlement is well ingrained and those living on benefits are evidently detached from any form of known reality that the taxpayer is subjected to.

Look around and you will quickly determine that I have written a large number of articles on the issues of welfare and it is no secret that I often get incensed at those who feel it is their right to live off the backs of others.

Britain, indeed the taxpayer, is running out of time and now for the first time we are seeing remnants of support for the Government who are attempting to reform welfare.

Unfortunately we are subjected to a coalition Government with a liberal left-wing progressive who feels that reforming welfare is cruel and inhumane; yes Nick Clegg doesn’t give a stuff about the taxpaying public but rather sees them as a means to create the utopia of a multicultural cohesive community which can all feel entitled to living on backs of everyone else without consequence.

It’s time the British woke up and realised that not only is Nick Clegg delusional but his ideology for the utopia is highly damaging and which will eventually strip us all of our cultural identity; this will probably come about just before Britain declares bankruptcy which will see Britain bathed in what will be little more than a civil war as opposing ethnic communities fight over the scraps that are left and the likes of Nick Clegg will be off skiing in the Swiss Alps without a care in the world.

Yes Mr. Clegg it’s so easy to be flippant when it’s other people’s money and you are wealthy enough to escape the depravity you create.

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