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Lord Rennard Refuses to Apologise for Sexual Harassment

Lord Rennard Refuses to Apologise for Sexual Harassment

LORD RENNARD REFUSES TO APOLOGIES FOR SEXUAL HARASSMENT – Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg has asked Lord Rennard to apologise to those he subjected to sexual harassment.

Lord Rennard has flatly refused to provide any such apology.

Read full story … Daily Mail says…

Did the British public really expect a man such as Lord Rennard to apologies for his unwanted sexual advances on the minions?

A quote from yesterday’s news …

Alistair Webster, QC, found that the peer’s behaviour had caused ‘distress’ to several women and ‘violated the personal space and autonomy of the complainants’ but there was not enough proof he had acted with ‘indecent intent’. See full article

Considering this revelation and the fact that Mr. Clegg is asking Lord Rennard to apologise provides more than sufficient evidence that Lord Rennard does have charges to answer and therefore should face a much deeper inquiry and appear before a judge in order to provide justice for his victims.

The victims of Lord Rennard’s disgusting behaviour have now come out and declared that this is nothing short of a cover-up and Nick Clegg is simply attempting to protect an official holding high office; it also effectively brands the victims liars.

Could Nick Clegg or Lord Rennard really be any more despicable; both allegedly support a political party that is supposed to uphold the rights of everyone and supposedly champions of sexual equality.

The only thing clearly evident about the Liberal Democrats is their ability to be ‘liberal’ about the truth, for this is the second time Mr. Clegg has asked the peer to come forward and apologize; if this is not a clear admission of guilt then we certainly don’t know what would constitute such a thing.

The victims are now considering taking legal action and this is something they must do in order to obtain justice; although if Mr. Clegg had a spine and Lord Rennard had an ounce of moral fortitude then both would have resigned their positions and crawled back under the rocks from whence they came.

Watch the video above carefully in which Mr. Clegg explains the situation to radio listeners; note carefully the body language.

Here is a man that cannot look the interviewer in the eye nor hold his head up; it’s a clear indication that he is lying and that he knows justice for the victims has been suppressed.

The only moral thing that could occur now is that for any person holding a Liberal Democrat membership or intending to vote Liberal Democrat would be to turn their backs on the party for it is obvious that Mr. Clegg lacks the moral conviction to relieve Lord Rennard of his position and will subvert the truth and justice in order to protect his friends who hold high office within the party.

What you have witnessed is the true face of the Liberal Democrats and anyone with any moral values would have nothing to do with such a despicable entity or those running it.

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Lord Rennard Refuses to Apologise