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Lord Rennard Suspended from the Liberal Democrat Party

Lord Rennard Suspended from the Liberal Democrat Party

LORD RENNARD SUSPENDED FROM THE LIBERAL DEMOCRAT PARY – Chaos surrounded the Liberal Democrat Party last night as Nick Clegg failed to force Lord Rennard to apologise to his victims for sexual harassment and therefore suspended him pending another investigation.

Lord Rennard is now threatening to sue the Liberal Democrats after stating that he was merely the target of a ‘lynch mob’.

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The issue of Lord Rennard groping and sexually harassing a number of junior female staff is becoming a comedy of errors.

Certainly there was nothing democratic about his unwanted advances but Lord Rennard notably appeared to take liberties; we could therefore conclude that the Liberal Democrats have little or nothing to do with democracy for his victims weren’t given a choice but certainly the ‘Liberal’ part remains alive and well and no doubt more liberties will be taken in the near further; if not targeted at its staff then certainly the public.

A number of Liberal Democrats are now accusing Mr. Clegg of handling this situation badly and that the revelations of Lord Rennard’s unwanted advances are now the cause of severe embarrassment for the party.

Interesting to note their choice of words… that is there was no mention of the victims but rather just the image of the party, leading us to suspect that most Liberal Democrats now feel that Mr. Clegg did a pretty poor job in either nipping Lord Rennard’s activities in the bud or simply failed to adequately cover up any wrong-doing.

Lord Rennard did provide a lengthy press statement; all 2,600 words regaled him as being the victim but again failed to offer even a hint of an apology for his four victims.

Tim Farron, the Liberal Democrat President and the man poised to succeed Nick Clegg actually gave a statement to the press in which he said that the party owed an apology to both Lord Rennard and the women he sexually abused.

Why Mr. Farron feels that the party owes Lord Rennard any form of an apology is completely beyond comprehension unless of course Mr. Farron feels that Lord Rennard should have been exposed to the press as a sexual deviant who likes to grope his female members of staff.

Lord Greaves, another Liberal Democrat peer actually feels that the decision to suspend Lord Rennard was ‘sheer madness’ – yet another Liberal Democrat who obviously feels that the female staff are little more than fair game to every pervert lurking within the Liberal Democrat party.

If the Liberal Democrats public support doesn’t drop into oblivion in the next release of the political polls we would be amazed, for how can anyone with a conscience support a political party that appears willing to cover up this type of behaviour and indeed appear to even support it.

The Liberal Democrats, by all sense and purposes, is now seen as little more than a non-entity in British politics in that the British public certainly have had a good taste of how restrictive and damaging their policies are in regards to Britain’s future.

Of course Lord Rennard’s activities and the comments from senior party officials has certainly allowed the public an insight as to what really makes up the Liberal Democrats and such a revelation hopefully won’t provide them with any form of power after the next General Election.

If anyone in the Liberal Democrat’s party has an ounce of moral fortitude they would resign for what has emerged over this scandal is little more than public acknowledgement that senior party members would have much preferred this whole affair to be quietly swept under the carpet.

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