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Macabre Photo Op of DEAD Puerto Rican Boxer

Macabre Photo Op of DEAD Puerto Rican Boxer

MACABRE PHOTO OP OF DEAD PUERTO RICAN BOXER – Professional Boxer Christopher Rivera Amaro was murder in the early hours Sunday in the city of Santurce and as yet police have no leads as to why he was shot or who his killers are.

Macabre Photo Op of Puerto Rican Boxer - Image 1

In order to provide his hundreds of fans with a lasting memory the family instructed the funeral home to dress him in his full boxing garb, robe, gloves and all and prop him up so that he appears to be standing in the corner of a boxing ring.

Photographs of the dead are nothing new and in fact in Victorian times such was widely practiced.

Macabre Photo Op of Puerto Rican Boxer - Image 2

The deceased were often dressed in their finery with them being made up to either look alive or just peacefully sleeping.

The funeral home told Associated Press that whilst this took considerable time and effort to stage, it was not considered an ‘unusual’ request for they have before staged a number of such events at the request of family mourners; including one where the deceased was placed on a motorbike and another in a chair quietly smoking a cigar.

According to reports Christopher Rivera Amaro had a 5-15 record with one draw in the 130 pound weight class.

Macabre Photo Op of Puerto Rican Boxer - Image 3

From the photographs it is difficult to determine that he is in fact dead as he’s dressed up wearing all his boxing gear and sporting sunglasses.

Again in the photographs it appears that his fans were more than eager to have their photograph taken with him.

I for one find this all a bit eerie and certainly macabre but obviously there are people out there who think the practice of photographing the dead in particular poses, even with their fans, is an acceptable and even respectful way to hold a wake.

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Macabre Photo Op of DEAD

  • Dee

    I think this is a wonderful idea and would like to see families have the opportunity to have their loved ones displayed. It would help the grieving process and allows mourners the opportunity to remember their loved one in a natural state, not lying in a coffin which I find particularly disturbing.

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