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Manchester Labelled as Cannabis Capital of Britain

Manchester Labelled as Cannabis Capital of Britain

MANCHESTER LABELLED AS CANNABIS CAPITAL OF BRITAIN – The Greater Manchester Police stated that cannabis production is so rife within Manchester that they seize on average one cannabis plant every minute of every day with more than 1,000 being discovered every week.

According to police, the boom in cannabis production has turned thousands of homes into little more than cannabis farms and officers are struggling to cope.

Across the UK, police forces announced that approximately 17 raids are carried out every hour resulting in the capture and arrest of some 100,000 individuals growing cannabis illegally.

Officers noted that the size of operations they raid range from people growing a few cannabis plants in their lofts and garages to homes that have been converted into little more than vast marijuana factories.

Officers in Manchester revealed that more than half a million plans were seized in 2013; that’s almost one every minute which a production mass equating to 3,779kg of herbal cannabis and 4,155kg of resin.

In addition to reports from Police forces across the UK, the Home Office released further evidence to the growing problem which indicated that the West Midlands produced the largest hauls.

In 2008, the level of cannabis growing activity was relatively small, with police discovering approximately 525 farms a month; this figure grew to an average of 656 by the end of 2012.

Despite London’s population being some four times that of Manchester, only 2,900 plants were seized by police; a stark contrast to the Manchester police who made 9,000 drugs seizures between 2012/13, this number also including the discovery of nearly 60kg of cocaine – a rise six times that on the previous year.

Other illegal narcotics including 42kg of amphetamines and 90kg of heroin where also seized; in regards to heroin the 90kgs was a substantial increase from the 5.5kgs discovered the year before.

The Greater Manchester Police continue with their push to remove illegal drugs from the streets as they press on and arrest a number of high-profile drug dealers.

Its most successful operation to date was the undercover investigation dubbed ‘Operation Cairo’ in which 45 criminals were arrested, tried and jailed for a combined 144 years.

A number of charity groups have commended the efforts of the Greater Manchester Police Force but feel that Government should provide far more funding in order to effectively tackle the growing drugs production and supply problem across UK.

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