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Mandelson Says Public Should NOT be Given EU Referendum

Mandelson Says Public Should NOT be Given EU Referendum

MANDELSON SAYS PUBLIC SHOULD NOT BE GIVEN EU REFERENDUM According to Lord Mandelson the British public should never be given the right to an EU referendum for this will be little more than a lottery as to Britain’s future in the European Union.

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Anyone who knows Lord Mandelson’s history in politics will probably wonder how someone so deceitful and incompetent, being kicked out of cabinet twice, could possibly ever end up being awarded with a life peerage

Ah yes of course he was, and remains, best friends with Tony Blair which certainly leaves little question as to how such an honour was manipulated and subsequently awarded.

That however is besides the point in this particular instance for what Mandelson is suggesting is nothing short of a totalitarian move to strip the British voter having access to democracy.

Maybe the British people really don’t care but certainly those in power do for the more power they can grab, similar to that of the European Union, the more they can control our every waking moment.

Let’s take David Cameron considering he currently holds the top job as Prime Minister.  Under no circumstance should he or any other employee of the British taxpayer have the right to remove, restrict or subvert our democratic rights.

Once such measures are permitted, as being suggested by Mandelson, then you might as well not bother voting for it will be completely and utterly meaningless.

Today the House of Lords is debating on the EU Referendum Bill back by the Tories; yes that’s right despite clear public condemnation of the EU and wishing to have a vote the House of Lords are the ones who will decided such a matter… didn’t anyone tell these lackey’s that they work for the British taxpayer and not the other way around?

If an EU Referendum is not allowed then come the General Election the British public might as well refuse to vote for doing so, regardless to the choice of political party, the taxpayer will end up with nothing short of a dictatorship – we’re already witnessing moves to stifle free press and in a few short years the next Prime Ministers might well be named Kim Jong-Un II.

What’s the chance of the EU Referendum Bill being passed?  According to inside sources the Liberal Democrats and Labour are likely to unite so that they can kill it off.

Yet again it’s clear that most politicians don’t want Britain out of the EU for Brussels is the one place where all will end up being employed at the taxpayer’s expense; in which they will all continue to work towards removing more and more of your rights.

With current polls suggesting that the public would pull out of the EU if given such a referendum is irrelevant, however, what is completely relevant here is that fact that the taxpaying public should have the ability to decide – that is the only way in which a true democracy can work.

Politicians are employed to make decisions on behalf of the public, but it has become increasingly evident that their decisions are being based on personal preference rather than being driven majority sentiment of the taxpaying public; that is the public are being continuously ignored and underhanded methods are being employed in order to please the few.

With the level of incompetency in Government it’s time the British public stood up and refused to vote, after all what’s the point?

Britain is teetering on the brink of collapse due to the failings of the politicians, there’s not one single Government department that has managed to balance the books, and all they appear worried about is that coveted job in Brussels when removed from office and the only way they can protect that is to ensure you don’t get to vote on whether Britain remains a member of the European Union.

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