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Mark Duggan: Diane Abbott Baffled Over ‘Lawful Killing’ Verdict

Mark Duggan: Diane Abbott Baffled Over ‘Lawful Killing’ Verdict

MARK DUGGAN: DIANE ABBOTT BAFFLED OVER ‘LAWFUL KILLING’ VERDICT – Last night Labour MP Diane Abbott was under pressure to explain why she was ‘baffled’ over the jury returning a verdict of ‘lawful killing’ over the incident where Mark Duggan was shot dead by armed police in August 2011.

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We rarely agree with what the Prime Minister has to say but like all things political they are meant to be disagreed with and debated in order to find the solutions needed.

Yesterday, after the jury gave its verdict that Mark Duggan was lawfully killed by armed police and the Duggan family vowed to hold a vigil in Tottenham, David Cameron stated that people must respect the ‘proper judicial process’.

In this case 12 members of the public sat and listened to the evidence and after deliberating the facts returned a verdict of ‘lawful killing’.


Jury Rules Mark Duggan was LAWFULLY Killed by Armed Police

It is not often that we see justice in the UK and we have become accustomed to seeing criminals walk free; for Mark Duggan, a violent gangster and drug dealer he will no longer be able to harm anyone, either through violence or the peddling of drugs.

Yes putting someone six foot under certainly solves the issue conclusively and now that the jury has given their verdict we should move on and put Mark Duggan’s memory to rest; at least we know there’s one less scumbag walking the streets.

Do we have any sympathy for Mark Duggan or indeed his family?… no, not an ounce for as one reader clearly pointed out, ‘he who lives by the sword shall die by the sword’.

A few times in our opinions we have quoted the sacred words of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, and once again it is appropriate to do so … “Judge a man not by the colour of his skin but by the content of his character.”

The very visible truth here is that the killing of Mark Duggan is being made into a racist issue; that is clear for Diane Abbott wouldn’t be on her soap box if he had been white.

Of course the colour of his skin has absolutely nothing to do with it for here was a young man that chose a life of crime and violence and anyone living by the sword will eventually perish upon it.

Of course Diane Abbott won’t come right out and say this was a racial killing but she doesn’t need to for simply by questioning the jury’s verdict it’s obvious the connotations she is attaching to their verdict.

Isn’t it about time we moved away from making such an incident racial and took to using the words by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., literally?

The underlying truth is that Mark Duggan was a violent criminal and that his chosen occupation brought him to a place and time that was inevitable and finally paid the ultimate price; if it wasn’t the police who shot him dead then it was mostly likely a rival gang would have done the job for them… eventually.

Are the streets safer? That of course is debatable for like cancer you can remove one tumour only to find others have taken up residence in its place.

We already know that crime is on the rise, rehabilitation doesn’t work and that not only are our courts not imprisoning those convicted but they often walk out of court and reoffend.

Again we support the idea of bringing back both corporal and capital punishment in order to once again bring law and order to the streets of Britain and significantly reduce the number of those who feel they are untouchable by the criminal justice system.

Frankly we should be grateful to the police officer who pulled the trigger for this is one less violent criminal that can no longer peddle drugs to children on the street.

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