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Maybe We Should Surrender to Islamic Terrorists for the Sake of Community Cohesion

Maybe We Should Surrender to Islamic Terrorists for the Sake of Community Cohesion

MAYBE WE SHOULD SURRENDER TO ISLAMIC TERRORISTS FOR THE SAKE OF COMMUNITY COHESION – Before you get all angst at the suggestion of the heading please bear with me; all will be revealed… yeah gripping and intriguing isn’t it?

I’ll start off by saying that unless you’ve been living on the dark side of the moon for the last 30 years then you’ll be fully aware of the problems around the world concerning Muslim Islamic extremists and their view that we should all be converted to Islam or murdered.

Yes it’s a choice most westerners simply do not want to contemplate and often will stand up and call it nothing short of religious extremism whereby it creates a totalitarian society that controls a population through fear of barbaric acts of punishment.

Of course we in the west purport to live in a democratic and largely tolerant society but I wonder if our liberalised indoctrination is any better than the Islamic extremist indoctrination that fuels hatred to the point where some will willingly take their own lives in the pursuit of killing innocent people.

It really is a conundrum and one that western society hasn’t yet figured out how to deal with, the threat of terrorism faced on a daily basis.

If you’ve picked up a newspaper or read any of the news websites today you’ll probably have come across the article whereby the Taliban have managed to capture a dog belonging to the British military; apparently the Taliban intercepted the pooch on its way to deliver arms.

It is of course a tragedy for now we’re dragging innocent animals into the affray but frankly this is nothing new; armed services around the world during times of conflict have used all manner of animals as part of their ‘war effort’.

If you haven’t yet read the article then it’s available on FoxNews.

On a number of occasions I’ve been called a bigot and a racist for my views on Muslims and yet my best friend is a Muslim and he openly agrees with my views.

Yesterday I asked my friend his views on what I am about to publish and he stated that it will likely cause outrage among the Muslim community, it’ll certainly enrage the liberal left-wing but ultimately it will probably appeal to the masses… so here goes.

I think, in order to create the liberal left-wing utopia of a cohesive society then it’s time we surrendered to the Muslim extremists and gave into their every demand.

Now you might think that’s an outrageous suggestion but frankly I’m sick and tired of all the killing and as a humanitarian I feel that life is a precious thing and that it shouldn’t be squandered in the pursuit of religious hatred.

I’m sure any reasonably minded person would agree that terrorism is the most heinous atrocity to any person’s human rights and unless we can find a way to understand fully what we are dealing with and therefore find a solution to the problem of religious violence then it will never end.

The liberals have worked for decades to indoctrinate us so that we are almost no longer able to utter a word for fear of politically correct reprisals.  You can’t mention race, colour, creed or religion without being labelled a racist or a bigot but I’ve come up with a Four Part Action Plan that could allow us all to live in harmony and where the threat of terrorism could ultimately be a distant memory.

Four Part Action Plan

Part 1 – Deportation

Now I know what you’re thinking I’m a racist and a bigot for even using the word ‘Deportation’ for it’s obvious I’m talking about the systematic deportation of every Muslim in Britain that refuses to accept and integrate into British culture.

Again I’ll defend myself as a humanitarian for what I’m suggesting is simply giving Muslims what they truly desire; that being to live in harmony in an Islamic state whereby they are free to live out their lives in accordance with Islamic indoctrination and laws that they view as righteous and just.

Who are we to condemn a Muslim for the belief of stoning a woman to death for committing adultery or beating a woman for driving a car?

Who are we to vilify a fifty year old man for marrying an 8 year old girl?

These are their customs, their culture and their laws and any humanitarian or liberal wouldn’t dream of such interference.

What I’m suggest is the ultimate act in humanity for deporting all Muslims that wish to practice their faith, their cultural heritage and indeed Sharia law has no place in Britain or anywhere in the west.

We cannot live side by side, it’s been attempted for decades and the social divide is cavernous to say the least and so deporting these people is the righteous, just and the humanitarian thing to do for finally they will be able to live in peace and equally importantly so will we.

Part 2 – Acknowledging the War

We’re often told that there is a war on terror but I don’t see armed troops running around the streets of Britain, across Europe or indeed the U.S… so where’s the war?

It is of course a war with terrorists and as such is mostly unseen.  Militant Islamic fundamentalist have been allowed to infiltrate every aspect of our lives and dress it up as ethnic diversity; the truth is it’s a plot to either have us all converted to Islam or executed for being an infidel.

We already have the intelligence capabilities and considering how many Islamic extremists have been prevented from carrying out terrorist activities it’s clear that to a degree the intelligence system works.

Of course there’s only so much the security services can do to prevent terrorism for the liberal left-wing fruit jobs have insisted, or rather indoctrinated us, that we cannot hunt, capture or execute in the field known terrorists for this would be a human rights atrocity.

Instead terrorists have been captured and the authorities have attempted to rehabilitate them, a system  that has clearly failed at every turn – in fact an article early in January 2014 was published in which a report was compiled clearly stating that Islamic terrorists couldn’t be rehabilitated; the indoctrination was simply too deep within their physiological make up.


Efforts to Reform Islamic Terrorists Failing

Once we do acknowledge we are in fact being systematically murdered and that we are at war, we then need to remove our own indoctrination of racism, bigotry and get our heads straight over what is and what is not a humanitarian act.

Either we implement Part 1 or face the fact that we must allow our troops and security services to take to the streets and remove the threat by treating the Muslim extremists for what they truly are… that being enemy combatants.

Personally such is an atrocity in terms of attempting to create a humanitarian society and therefore Part 1 would be far more appealing to anyone who would rather people were not killed for their religious ideology.

Part 3 – An Amicable Settlement of Territorial Dispute

Go back to Part 1 of the plan and you will quickly realise just how humanitarian such a notion is for the entire issue of terrorism is based upon a territorial dispute; that is the Muslims don’t like western influence within Islamic states, namely Afghanistan and Iraq.

Frankly who can blame them; for many British people now feel that the Muslims are invading every aspect of our lives and eventually pockets of British militant groups will emerge which ultimately will resort to murdering and terrorising Muslims in the same way they current do to us.

Such a future only leads to more bloodshed through the fuelling of religious and cultural hatred and therefore maybe it’s time we recognised their issues and pulled out.

I’m not talking about pulling out just the troops but pulling out all western influence across the Middle East and all Islamic states.

Ultimately this, along with Part 1, would give the Muslims back their homelands without any interference from the west which would hopefully create the peace and community cohesiveness that the liberal left-wing so badly crave; for a like-minded society with a like-minded culture will have no problems living together.

I’m not suggesting it’ll be all one culture.  There are of course many other cultures living in the west that have integrated without much of an issue and even a number of Muslims would still remain providing they were willing to integrate fully and accept the fact that a Mosque has no place in Britain.

I’m certainly not suggesting that those remaining Muslims wouldn’t be able to pray but they can do so from the comfort of their own homes; of course if that’s not acceptable then a one-way ticket should be purchased to an Islamic state of their choice.

There will be those who will slate such an idea, if such was permitted, for it would ultimately result in the Middle East turning off the Oil supply.

Tosh!  Yes the very thought is complete and utter tosh for their oil is western money and without our cash or expertise most Islamic states will quickly fall into an economic ruin.

If you think that’s a little far-fetched then cast your mind’s eye to Dubai.  Some experts say that their oil will run out within the next five years and the rulers of Dubai are fully aware that once it does the money will also cease coming in.

In order to prevent economic ruin the rulers of Dubai have worked tirelessly in order to build an oasis that attracts western money from tourism, business and indeed retirees.

The stark reality… the Islamic states need our money and therefore there is no reason why trade would ever cease; well that’s right up until the time when the oil runs out which will ultimately create other issues for the Middle East.

Part 4 – Law and Order a Righteous and Noble System

Our legal system has failed; in fact it’s now in a deplorable state because of liberal left-wing indoctrination that criminals are merely victims of a cruel and uncaring society that affords them little or no opportunity.

Such acknowledgement leads to the issues of welfare but that would take this article in an entirely different direction but I’m sure you’re intelligent enough to know what problems the welfare state has caused.

In the process of the downfall of justice we’ve witness punishment being replaced by rehabilitation, as mentioned above.

We already know that rehabilitation doesn’t work for the statistical figures on reoffending alone are testament to that fact and yet despite the liberal ideologies failing we are not permitted under a liberal left-wing system to address the issues for this would mean openly admitting that the liberal system has failed – something a liberal will never admit to.

What we need is the reinstatement of the death penalty for all acts of terrorism.  This should include actual acts of terrorism, planning terrorist related activities, indoctrinating weak minded individuals to carry out acts of terrorism and aiding and abetting terrorism.

Again the liberals will be screaming bigotry from the belfry but what is more humane, noble and righteous than keeping a nation and its people safe from others who wish to engage in the most heinous of inhumane acts?


Every aspect of the Four Part Action Plan is an appeasement of what Muslims are actually calling for.  They want us out of the homelands and they want to live in an Islamic state ruled by religious ideology and law.

Each part bows to these demands and in a way that doesn’t mean more bloodshed; well not unless they decide that our realisation of their plight isn’t to their liking and then Parts 3 and 4 can take care of any issue that may arise.

How practical is this Four Part Action Plan?  Such would require multiple changes to the law and could only be achieved if we opened our eyes and put aside liberal ideology.

Not all liberal ideas are questionable, in fact some are highly commendable and admirable but this is an issue of humanity and giving people what they truly want.

There is one little fly in ointment… yesterday news was reported to the number of home-grown jihadists fighting alongside Al Qaeda in Syria in order to overthrow Assad. According to the reports these home-grown jihadists are now being trained and planning on coming back to engage upon terrorist activities in the UK.

Whilst all the Muslim hate preachers and fundamentalist will tell you that the reason for terrorism is that we have taken over their homelands it now appears that they are equally upset western Governments don’t assist them in overthrowing a regime in order to ultimately remove a dictator which is then replaced by an Islamic terrorist group.

Yes you can now plainly see just how deranged these Muslim fanatics are for our interference enrages them to a point where they want to murder us and our lack of interference has equal disdain.

It’s a bit like having your cake and eating it… most Muslims are quite happy living in the UK on benefits but want the UK turned into an Islamic state and they are prepared to murder as many innocent people as it takes until we bow down to such a request.

You might consider that such a request can never be satisfied and yet the on-going liberal indoctrination is handing more and more powers over to the Muslim communities in order to make us appear more tolerant and more socially cohesive.

We certainly face an on-going issue, but clearly we need to define a true act of racism and bigotry compared to a pure act of humanitarianism; and one that would ultimately give Muslims exactly what they demand without creating further bloodshed.

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