Once you register for Meebal.com Groups you are almost set to start adding content that you really like.

Here we will help you get the most out of your meebal.com groups’ account.

Getting Started

After registering and activating your account you should firstly set up your profile. Here’s how you can do this…

1.  At the very top of the page you’ll see a sign ‘Howdy… ‘Username’.  Mouse over this button and you’ll get a drop-down menu where you can access all areas of your account.

2.  Choose ‘Profile’ and first create an Avatar – that’s an image of you, your company logo or indeed any image you want to use.

Managing Profile

That’s all there is to setting up your profile and you’re now ready to either join or create your own groups.

Joining Groups

You need to be logged in to your account to join groups.  When you visit a group you’ll see the ‘Join’ button; simply press this to join that group.

NOTE: Some groups are restricted by the groups creator; that is you’ll need to request access. To do this simply click on the Request Join button and the administrator of the group will then receive a notice that you wish to join the group.

Creating Groups

To create your own group or channel is very easy…

Creating Groups - Image 1

1.  Go the very top of the page and mouse over the ‘Howdy… Username’ button; this will bring down the menu options.

2.  Go to Groups and then Create Group and click the button.

3.  You can name your group anything you like including that of your company name thereby effectively creating your own business channel. Of course you can create a group that is personal or topical; the choice is yours.

4.  Once you have chosen a group/channel name add a description and then click the ‘Next Step’ button.

5.  You will now be presented with a screen that gives you control over who can access your group/channel page.  There are multiple options here so you have full control as to whether the group/channel is open to the public, only for members and whether member or the public can post within your group/channel.

6.  The next stage is to create an Avatar or Logo for your group.

7.  The last stage is to invite people; you can skip this page.

That’s all there is too it and a group/channel can be set up in less than 2 minutes.

Posting Content

Before you get started it’s important that you ‘post’ content in the right ‘group’.

1. Select ‘Groups’ from the menu bar.

2. Search for a particular group in the ‘search bar’ or scroll through the available groups.

Selecting Groups

NOTE: If you can’t find an appropriate ‘group’ then create your own group – see information above.

There are four types of content you can post, text, links, images and video and in order to post any type of content you must be logged into your account and you must either have created or joined a group.

Once you are logged in navigate to the group of your choice; you can do this by placing your mouse button over the ‘Community’ tab on the main menu which will produce a drop-down menu… click on the ‘Groups’ tab.

You will now be presented with a screen that lists the groups so navigate to the group that you want to post in.

Posting Content

Once within a specific group you will be presented with a text box with three icons below; these icons represent Images, Videos and Links.

Posting Text

Simply type in the text you want and click ‘Post’.  It’s that simple.  You can include links within the text but if you are posting content for a particular webpage then using the ‘Links’ icon is far more effective.

Posting Links

Click the ‘Links’ icon.  This will bring up a text field where you can type or paste in a URL.  Now click the ‘Preview’ button and this will generate a snapshot of the webpage you are linking too.

NOTE: This automatically pulls in an image from the webpage you are linking to.  If no image is shown simply check the ‘No Image’ box under the text in the preview window.

If you see only part of an image don’t worry; our system will automatically resize it once you press the ‘Add’ link button.

That’s all there is too it.

Posting Images

Click the ‘Image’ icon.  Once selected you will have two choices;

1.  Typing in or pasting in a URL for the image or;

2.  Selecting an image from your computer.

Once you have made your selection click the ‘Preview’ button.  Note that the image may appear too large or out of alignment… don’t worry our system will automatically resize it to fit.

NOTE: If you are selecting an image from a URL then you can only insert one image. However if you are inserting images from your computer you may select multiple images.

Posting Video

Click on the ‘Video’ icon.  Once this is selected it will bring up a URL field where you can type or paste in the videos URL.

After inserting the URL click the ‘Preview’ button and this will then generate the video.

Note that the video is likely to appear far too large for the page; don’t worry, simply click the ‘Add’ button and our system will automatically resize the video to fit.

Sharing, Commenting and Saving Content

When you log in you’ll see content posted in a different way; that is there are functions to help you get more out of your activity such as having the ability to Share, Comment and Save content.

Share and Comment Help

As you can see from the image above you have access to the toolbar:

1. Commenting – Click the ‘Comment’ button and a box will appear.  Simply type in your comment and click post.

2. Favourites – If you want an easy way to access previous articles then click the favourite button.  This will add the content to your members area.

To remove content you have saved go to your profile, click ‘Favourites’ and then scroll through the content you have save. You’ll see a ‘Remove Favourites’ on each item of content you save; simply click this to remove the item of content.

3. Sharing – Click the ‘Share’ button and a box will appear with Twitter, Facebook and Google + icons. Simply click the social network you wish to share with and a pop-up box will display giving the details of the content you are able to share.  Click the add button and share.

That’s all there is to sharing, commenting and saving content.

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