Introduction is an easy to use content social network that is made up of Topical, Personal and Business groups.

We provide our registered users with ‘Groups’ so that you can post interesting content within the ‘Groups’ that you join or create.  It is completely free, so join and get sharing.

Want more?… For those who want to publish blog articles we offer a free account upgrade that will allow you to create and publish useful and engaging content for everyone to read.

Simply put… is the perfect place to create and share content on the web that you are really interested in.


To become a member ‘Register’ by completing the short form.  In the interests of your privacy we seek very little information.


Once you have registered you’ll receive an email requesting you to activate your account.  When the activation process is complete you will be free to engage in our ‘Groups’ by posting content and comments.

You can even create your own ‘Groups’ so that you can engage in content that directly interests you. The groups you create can even be for your own business so that you can post images, videos and links to information pertaining to what your business is doing.

For more information on how to create groups, post images, links and video please see our Help File.

Contributors Account

If you would like to create engaging content yourself for our members then apply for a ‘Contributors Account’.

First become a registered member and then apply to become a ‘Contributor’.

Fill out the form and press send.

Once we have received your application we’ll examine it and advice you as to whether your account has been upgraded.  This process generally takes about 24 hours so please be patient.

Membership Rules

All members must comply with the following rules.  Failure to do so will almost certainly result in your account being terminated.

1. Be polite. We frown upon adult content, foul language, baiting and troll activities.  If we discover such or if you are reported by one of our members then your account will be examined and if you’ve broken this rule your account will be terminated and your content deleted.

2. Content. You are free to create unique content within the ‘Groups’ or share content from other websites, images and video, providing you have permission to do so.  Please note that we take plagiarism seriously and any report of such may result in the termination of your account.

3. Web Links. Keep any external links relevant to the content of the group.  We do not allow links that point to irrelevant, spam, scam, adult or other such content.  Any links we detect or that have been reported as violating this rule will result in the immediate termination of your account.

4. Responsibility. You accept full liability for the content that you post and indemnify of any legal action that may result from the content that you post.

The rules above are designed to allow you and others to post, read and engage in interesting content without having to wade through distasteful or harmful content.

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