Men Only Vacations

MEN ONLY VACATIONS – OK Gentlemen, listen up!  There are still a few corners of the Earth where you can go that no woman may follow.  Don’t believe me or does it simply sound too good to be true?

Try a retreat to Mount Athos, Greece, where even female animals are not welcome.  Before you start packing, maybe I should tell you that Mount Athos is a Holy Mountain, run and maintained by Eastern Orthodox priests and your “vacation” would be spent in quiet meditation and spiritual reflection paired with fasting and prayer.  I do promise you this:  You would return home a changed man.

Men Only Vacations - Mount Athos, Greece

Maybe you fancy a warm, sandy get-a-way.  If that is the case, then perhaps Saudi Arabia would hold you captive and create memories to last a lifetime.  Filled with the history of man, preservation of early archaeological sites will allow you to visit tombs, temples and ancient cities.

Reconnect with early man as you re-live history.  Predominately a Muslim observing country, Saudi Arabia will not allow a women foreigner to enter the country without a male escort.  If you do bring your girly with you, best brush up on your driving skills because she won’t be driving their roads while you sit in the passenger seat.

Men Only Vacations - Mount Omine, in Nara, Japan

How about a short jaunt to Mount Omine in Nara, Japan which is famous for its three tests of courage?    If you are up to the challenge it will be man vs. mountain as you take a pilgrimage on “the path of training and testing.”

Test #1 involves climbing “Hanging Rock”, which although a fairly easy 30 ft. climb, has a surprise overhanging cliff near the end which will require you to swing yourself out and pull yourself up and over using an embedded chain there for just that purpose.  Great way to work those biceps!

Test #2- is a 200 ft. climb that concludes being held head first over the cliff, to contemplate and admit your faults.  Only after you promise to recognize and follow their religious laws will you be set back on solid ground.  Test #3- requires special permission.  The hardest and steepest section of the mountain is a rock tower that overlooks a deep cliff.  The most mentally and physically challenging, you cannot quit or back down once you have started.

Men Only Vacations - Bavaria

Are you a water lover?  How about a trip to the Galaxy Water Park in Bavaria, Germany?   While you are having fun on all the attractions, including the thermal spas, make sure to check out the X-Treme Faser slide which will swoosh you from top to bottom at a lightening speed of 45 miles per hour.  This is the ride to thank if you appreciate no silly women around while you are acting like a little boy.  Several women experienced “intimate injuries” when on the slide that led to the ban.

Men Only Vacations - Galaxy Water Park, Bavaria, Germany

Perhaps you would appreciate a trip to the Haji Ali Dargah Shrine in Mumbai, IndiaHere you will see some women visiting the shrines, but you will find peace and serenity within the walls of the sanctum sanctorum, where females are forbidden to enter.  Under Islamic Sharia Law it is considered unholy for women to vist graves and unless the Indian government intercedes the 15th century tomb of a Sufi saint will remain off-limits.

Men Only Vacations - Jaji Ali Dargah Shrine, Mumbai, India

So, next time you find yourself tuning out the voice of your beloved or bemoaning the loss of your man-cave, picture the get-a-way of your dreams.  If you really need to take a break, pack your bag and grab your passport.  They are just an aeroplane ride away.

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