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MEPs Fleecing the Taxpayer

MEPs Fleecing the Taxpayer

MEPS FLEECING THE TAXPAYER – Trevor Colman is a UKIP MEP who according to the BBC has done little in the way of attending the European Parliament let alone actually attempting to address on-going issues with Brussels that affect the UK taxpayer.

According to some statistics the average MEP will earn some 20 times more than the average UK worker by receiving an annual salary of £78,000 which is then topped up with an expense allowance of £200,000.

So how do they do it?  It’s really quite simple, you turn up claim your €300 expenses and leave.

We’ve broached this subject before but obviously people didn’t pay much attention for if they had, then like me they would have spoken out and written an article on the subject in order to bring greater public awareness to the problems of MEPs effectively being provided by Brussels with a route to stealing the taxpayers money.

Watch the video above and you will clearly see how you are being fleeced.

As for Trevor Colman I find his attitude a little disturbing for here is a man attached to a political party (UKIP) that is for all intents and purposes anti-European and yet he appears more than happy to acknowledge how successfully he is able to fleece the British taxpayer which then allows him to cover the operational expenses of his anti-Euro website.

Mr. Colman, after being approached over his lack of involvement in making speeches and asking questions in the European Parliament, stated that it was completely ineffective in that no policies can be made or indeed changed when you’re addressing a gallery of six people or less.

In his defence of basically doing nothing Mr. Coleman states that his job is to bring wider public acknowledgement as to how inefficient and ineffective the European Union is and that through such enlightenment the British public will, if ever given the opportunity, vote to pull out of the European Union.

I’ve be berated by a number of our readers for my views on the EU and our politicians refusal to provide an EU referendum but this recent example simply cements the notion that they don’t want to pull out for each and every one of them are hopeful that come the end of their terms in office within Britain they will all move to the EU for a job at the taxpayer’s expense and with sum of £300,000 being offered, in some instances, it is little surprising why our politicians are so keen to remain in the European Union.

You can’t argue with the facts and the facts are unequivocal in that there are millions of families across the EU who are struggling to make ends meet whilst MEPs are simply able to rape the taxpayer for all they are worth.

I’m more than a little incensed due to my occupation. I’m one of the few people who refuse to register for benefit handouts and rely on my partner, who also refuses any form of welfare, to make ends meet.

I certainly wish I had an MEPs salary so that I could throw tens of thousands of pounds at promoting but the truth is that last month didn’t even manage to generate sufficient revenue to pay the £25 hosting fee but because of my drive and determination to be heard, and indeed allowing other people to do the same, I made sure it was paid.

I wonder, in this day and age, where welfare entitlement appears rampant and our politicians little more than thieves and liars, why I bother.

The fact is I could go out and commit crime for it certainly pays well and the chances are that I won’t be sent to prison and even if I do then it’ll be a welcome break with three square meals a day and I won’t have to worry about the utility bills.

I know I’m not alone… I know there are millions of people out there who feel financially raped by our politicians and it has to stop.

The likes of David Cameron has continuously imposed no end of austerity measures on the cash strapped taxpayer and yet is willing to support the on-going theft of public funds by MEPs; you have to ask yourself where is the logic and where is the morality?

Certainly I and no doubt millions of others will be wondering why we bother working.  I’m not looking for sympathy but rather acknowledgment what I do carries a modicum of value in the fight to change things for the better so that our politicians, both at home and in the European Union, are held more accountable and certainly restricted on what they can earn.

Maybe Mr. Coleman is right in that nobody is really listening or rather that we have become so accustomed to being fleeced that we are now despondent in our efforts to bring the financial abuse to an end.

Regardless of what people think about, my opinions or the opinions of other readers who post here, I will continue, for I feel someone has to say what most others won’t in the hope to rally sufficient fervour in order to demand change from our Government.

Finally I don’t know how much you earn, and frankly it’s not my business, but for the record, the average MEP earns £182,826, including allowances for attendance and travel and that should be your concern, for if you pay tax then you are paying their salaries.

It’s certainly not a bad living when you consider the number of MEPs like Mr. Coleman who do and achieve absolutely nothing.

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MEPs Fleecing the Taxpayer