Mercedes Benz: Genius Advertising

MERCEDES BENZ: GENIUS ADVERTISING – I honestly can’t say I’m a big fan of advertising. Most of it is pretty dull, predictable and uninteresting, so when something unusual does come it is certainly a refreshing change.

I have to say that Mercedes Benz employing William Dafoe to play the part of the Devil is a stroke of genius.  William Dafoe is simply an incredible actor who plays the villain so well. Just watch the video and note the look of evil as he squints his eyes; that there is the look of the devil.

the new Mercedes Benz CLA-Class

The plot, well actually that’s pretty simple, the new Mercedes Benz CLA-Class is being advertised and the Devil offers the car and the highlife the car can bring in exchange for his soul.

After careful consideration and with thoughts of fame and fortune running through the young man’s eyes, he looks up at the billboard outside and notices the price and laying down the pen simply says; “I think I’ve got this.”

The message is a simply, but effective one, a Mercedes Benz is an affordable motor car and one where it is not necessary to sell your soul to obtain one.

I thought the whole advertisement was well thought out – a piece of advertising genius that is entertaining and thought provoking.  I’m sure Mercedes Benz will not be disappointed with the sales that this advertisement creates.

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