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Merry Christmas from the Editor of Meebal

Merry Christmas from the Editor of Meebal

MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM THE EDITOR OF MEEBAL – For most of our dedicated readers, they know that recently turned one year old and now once again, Christmas is upon us.

We’d like to say a big thank you to all our readers of which this month to date stands at over 86,000 people who read a staggering 700,000 pages.

As with any news source we have our fair share of praise and admonishment but in the name of free speech and democracy we certainly don’t take offense; we are after all human and our mistakes, along with the mistakes of others, allows us to develop, mature and indeed look at things from a different prospective.

We continue to believe there is no right or wrong just a different way of looking at things and whilst we may be one of the smallest news outlets on the internet it is clearly evident that we are growing.

We hope that whatever you wish for this Christmas your dream and indeed desires come true. We, contrary to some beliefs, hope that the world will sit down tomorrow and take a day off from all the atrocities that continue to plague our world – maybe Christmas should be used more as a way to reflect, understand and dare I suggest, appreciate and respect one another just a little more.

Tomorrow for and me it will be a normal working day; but with a little luck I’ll knock off early and get to spend a little time with family and friends.

I hope you enjoy your Christmas and that you are surrounded by your loved ones for this is truly a time of year for setting aside any differences and to sit down, eat a meal together and spread much needed cheer.

From myself and other members of in our little broom cupboard, we wish you joy, happiness and above all peace.

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Merry Christmas from the Editor of Meebal