MI5 Warns PM that Google and Facebook are Protecting Terrorists

by Editor | April 27, 2014 4:03 am

MI5 WARNS PM THAT GOOGLE AND FACEBOOK ARE PROTECTING TERRORISTS –Head of MI5, Andrew Parker, yesterday warned the Prime Minister, David Cameron, that internet giants such as Google and Facebook are shielding known terrorists, paedophiles and criminals and therefore are undermining Britain’s national security.

According to an article in the Daily Mail Mr. Parker went on to tell Mr. Cameron that companies such as Google and Facebook have withdrawn their co-operation and are now actively obstructing MI5 requests for assistance in tracking terrorists and major criminals, which includes notorious paedophiles.

This revelation is going to cause a degree of anger among Facebook and Google users for it was Edward Snowden that originally claimed that both corporations were in fact working alongside the security services and allowing them access to users data; it was a claim that both Facebook and Google vehemently denied.

If Mr. Parker’s warning to the Prime Minister carries any truth then internet users will have concrete evidence that their personal data has been compromised.

Edward Snowden originally stated that both Facebook and Google willingly responded to any ‘lawful’ request for user data, including details of phone calls, emails, text messages and indeed a plethora of other private information.

At the time GCHQ and the NSA both denied either Facebook or Google supplied data; however both companies do have a legal obligation to provide personal data if the courts issue a warrant to obtain data on the grounds of national security.

When it comes to issues of national security the public will often accept a certain level of snooping; after all it is in all our interests to overt a possible terrorist attack and prevent the atrocities that are associate with them; but does this cover and should it justify blanket surveillance as suggest by Edward Snowden?

There are many threats of terrorism levelled upon the free world at any one time according to the security agencies and in order to prevent terrorism it must be allowed to monitor their activities.

Currently the UK is suffering from home-grown jihadists; in fact the news of late has been full of indoctrinated British citizens heading for Syria in order to fight alongside jihadist in the name of the so-called ‘religion of peace’.

In the pursuit of upholding democracy each person should have the right to follow whatever path they choose but whatever ideologies they subscribe too should in no way sanction any form of violence for it is the act of violence, no matter how minor, that effectively removes the rights of others to their democracy.

It could be argued that the security services are fighting a battle not against the terrorists or criminals but rather the very Government that charged them with the task of protecting civilians.

Look carefully at our laws and indeed our social structures; in the pursuit of religious sensitivity and community cohesion we openly allow the likes of Anjem Choudary to spout his hate filled message against the very society that supports him.

In turn he and indeed many other Islamic extremists have the ability to convert people into taking up arms and murdering innocent men, women and children; whether it is within the UK or countries such as Syria.

Upon capture these terrorists are not subjected to any form of punishment but rather undergo intense rehabilitation; a tool introduced in order to re-align their way of thinking but according to a recent report any efforts to rehabilitate terrorists is failing because their indoctrination is simply too ingrained.

Another issue is that of the Human Rights Act and the European Convention on Human Rights; both effectively prevent know terrorists from being deported and prevent British citizens who have taken up the Islamic jihadist belief from leaving to engage in fighting in countries such as Syria; looking closer and it’s apparent, despite their threats of carrying out jihad within Britain, the authorities are powerless to prevent them from re-entering the country.

There is of course a very simple solution, that being to scrap the Human Rights Act, pull out of the European Convention on Human Rights and removed citizenship from any known terrorist.

As for Facebook and Google; both companies rely on user participation and if users decided to abandon their services due to fear they are being spied upon this would inevitably bring about their downfall.

It’s unquestionable that the revelations Edward Snowden uncovered had an impact on their business which is why the security services suspect they are now withdrawing their co-operation.

The question that needs addressing now is how big the problem is; that is how much personal data are the security services wanting to access.

A recent report suggested that over 500,000 Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) requests were issued to communication service companies last year alone; many might view this as an invasion of privacy; others will see it as an essential part of keeping us safe from terrorism.

At the latest count is it said that Facebook now rejects one third of all requests made by UK law enforcement, while others such as Yahoo turn down about one quarter of such requests.

When you examine Yahoo’s recent implementation of moving its entire operation to Ireland, where it would be beyond the reach of the British surveillance laws, it becomes obvious Yahoo and indeed other internet giants are increasingly concerned to the impact these laws will have on their business; again if sufficient users abandon their accounts then even the likes of Google, if abandonment were significant, wouldn’t be protected from bankruptcy.

Once again we are witnessing the Government’s inability or unwillingness to take the appropriate measures that could, if implemented correctly, reduce terrorism and all manner of criminal activity in the UK significantly.

The conspiracy theorists will tell you this will never happen because ultimately those in Government are tied into arms and weapons manufacturing and without a war there’s no profit and therefore it is their remit to continue hyping up the threat of terrorism and criminal activity in order to give credence to the ongoing intrusion into our privacy which ultimately makes us more fearful and easier to control.

It is not surprising that the same tune of danger is once again being played to the public; yes once again the Government is pointing the finger at Edward Snowden and condemning him for leaking thousands of top-secret files that have caused massive damage to Britain’s intelligence capabilities.

For those who support Edward Snowden’s actions they will tell you that the documents have not caused any real damage other than to the credibility of the intelligence services for when you have to effectively target everyone then it is clear that you don’t know who the terrorists or criminals are; it is and will remain an ongoing embarrassment.

We all want to be safe, we all want peace but at what price?  Do we simply lie down and allow Government to trample upon our rights of freedom, privacy and ultimately democracy?

Yes we want to catch the terrorists and criminals but with our current system of ‘rehabilitation’ a opposed to ‘punishment’ it is clear that such a system is wholly ineffective.

Democracy is like porcelain, beautiful but extremely delicate; it should also be completely transparent for if it lacks such it is merely a cheap copy and ultimately worthless.

At meebal.com we uphold the principles of democracy in that each and every person must have the right to express themselves freely without let or hindrance and without persecution; yes even the likes of Anjem Choudary standing on the street corner has the democratic right to express himself.

However, what democracy does not allow for is persecution, the call upon others to take up arms in order to silence their opponents through fear, oppression or death; for this ultimately denies their opponents the right to be heard and their right to democracy.

What Edward Snowden revealed was essentially the Government’s failures to take positive steps to stamp out terrorism and criminal activities and Government, both in the UK and the U.S, will continue to create and use existing laws in order to invade your privacy; they will continue along this path until you undertake your democratic right to prevent them from doing so.

In our view Edward Snowden simply pointed the way; it is now up to the voting public to demand that our employees take measurable action to change a system that is clearly ineffective at protecting people from acts of terrorism and crime.

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