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Middle Class Voters to be Denied Tax Cuts

Middle Class Voters to be Denied Tax Cuts

MIDDLE CLASS VOTERS TO BE DENIED TAX CUTS – Yesterday the Prime Minister, David Cameron, told middle class voters that they will have to wait for years before any tax cuts are provided and that any spare cash should be used to help the poor.

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Meebal.com says …

At the opening of the article I would imagine most middle class voters would be seeing red but David Cameron went on to say something rather sensible …

“If I had some money in the coffers, I would target that money at the lowest paid; at those who work hard, who want to get on, those are the ones that need our help.

My priority, if you like, and the priority of this Government and the Conservative party, is to target tax reductions on the poorest in our country.” David Cameron

Surely the key to an economic recovery is to get the poor working and to increase their skills so that they too become productive members of society by paying tax.

The economics of an industrious nation is not complex; the more people you have working the more tax that is generated. Over time taxation can be lowered whilst services improved.

Getting people into employment is a win, win situation for all citizens but of course getting the lazy to work is an entirely different matter.

Regardless to my views that Mr. Cameron’s statement is commendable there is a flaw in his plan.  Note carefully that Mr. Cameron stated that ‘If I had some money in the coffers’ for there lies the crux because there is no money; in fact the Treasury is not only broke it’s deeply in debt.

The Chancellor George Osborne has been beating the drum of an economic recovery for the last few months.  Come budget time I suspect we’ll have even more of it but regardless to the economic growth Britain is not recovering.

For a recovery you would need to be able to reduce debt and currently the economic recovery Mr. Osborne refers to is merely his requirement to borrow less.

Yes, that’s borrow less but still a fact that he, along with every other Chancellor, will be adding more to the national debt – hardly a sign of good business management.

Of course the UK is not a business per se, it’s run by people who rely on other people to get it right and when it’s other people’s money with almost zero accountability then it’s unlikely we could expect the UK to be run in a manner that could possibly produce a profit.

Welfare remains the chain and ball around the neck of the middle class voter and unless they provide greater support to move away from an ‘entitlement’ ideology Mr. Cameron is perfectly correct… it’ll be years, if indeed ever, that tax breaks could be handed out.

It is after all the middle classes that ultimately hold the system together via the taxes they pay for this largely makes up the bulk of taxation.

If we were to acknowledge the failings of the welfare system and prevent the lazy from fleecing the taxpayer (see this article) then money could be made available to help those on minimum wage gain further skills that would ultimately reward them with a higher ‘taxable’ salary.

Of course this issue is not the only factor preventing tax cuts.  The right of free movement will inevitably have a decisive impact along with our membership in the EU which costs the taxpayer billions of pounds annually with no tangible benefits; unless of course you’re an MEP and then the benefits are clearly evident.

Another issue is the ever growing amount of Foreign Aid that the Government hands out annually.  We are acutely aware that most of the cash is misdirected into despot dictator’s bank accounts and yet no one in Government appears to be able to stop those people stealing the taxpayer’s money.

There are a number of changes that could be implemented in order to turn the economy around but it appears that Mr. Cameron has the interests of a few at heart whilst continuously ignoring public sentiment; a trait that will ultimately cost him the position of Prime Minister come the next General Election.

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