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Migrant Report Reveals Renewed Concerns Over Right of Free Movement

Migrant Report Reveals Renewed Concerns Over Right of Free Movement

MIGRANT REPORT REVEALS RENEWED CONCERNS OVER RIGHT OF FREE MOVEMENT – The University of Reading has released a new Government funded report that will renew fears over Britain’s involvement in the Right of Free Movement due to come into effect this week.

Full story … Daily Mail says …

According to the report it is likely that greater numbers of A2 Immigrants, the classification for Romanians and Bulgarians, will flock to Britain due in part to its economic recovery; making Britain a far more attractive option compared to other EU nations such as Germany and France.

Another issue worrying officials is that Poles could be driven out of higher paying jobs by Romanians and Bulgarians who are prepared to work for minimum wage – this in turn reduces the amount of taxation paid into the Treasury.

Other aspects of the report looks at the negative impact of increasing the social divide and raise the prospect of tensions between Romanians and Bulgarians.

It appears that no one in Government really bothered to look at the potential pitfalls of mass migrant; even the Office of National Statistics recently admitted it had no idea as to how many Romanians and Bulgarians would enter Britain because no Government official had ever asked for an assessment to be drafted.

For many the Right of Free Movement is nothing short of an ill-conceived plan thrust upon us by the European Union whose drive to strip the national identity from all EU member state knows no bounds.

Did we open up Pandora’s Box of mass migration?  Currently it is impossible to tell for the Government will tell you they expect just a few thousand Romanians and Bulgarians entering Britain a month, despite not commissioning any form of analysis, therefore the figures being labeled as ‘best guess’, whist puts the figure at around 50,000 and could be as high as 75,000.

The issues that will most affect British society have been clearly overlooked or even ignored; these include education, health care, welfare, crime and housing.

We are already acutely aware that the NHS is collapsing, mainly due to mismanagement – there are simply too many administrators on vast salaries that are bleeding the NHS dry.

Housing in the UK is already falling well short of the national requirements to the current population and we cannot build them fast enough. A great population also puts our greenbelts at severe risks and indeed these are expected to disappear within the next 20 years.

With this knowledge in hand we have to ask where will all the Romanians and Bulgarians live… back on the streets, creating squalor and engaging in crime?

Police forces around the UK have already produced damning reports as to the rising levels of crime from Romanians and Bulgarians.  With the Right of Free Movement unable to prevent anyone from entering the UK it is now perceived that we will be subjected to greater levels of organised crime that will include drugs, human trafficking, fraud, and general street crime.

With our judicial system and prison being already overloaded we simply will not be able to cope and it’s likely a sharp increase in crimes going unpunished will occur.

Classroom sizes are already at breaking point with teachers no longer able to control or indeed education our children.  With the influx of multiple languages this only adds to the problems the education system has and it’s likely that the Government have just added to this problem exponentially.

Welfare is the final nail in the coffin.  More and more people are now waking up to the idea that we can no longer view welfare as an ‘entitlement’ and indeed Government continue to make reforms to the welfare system.

As the Government now scrambles to soften the impact from the influx of Romanians and Bulgarians it is too little and far too late.  All measures, including that of restricting welfare to new arrivals, will be deemed as illegal by Brussels and therefore Romanians and Bulgarians will be able to effectively fleece the taxpayer through its current ‘entitlement’ welfare structure.

Despite calls from the Liberal Left-wing to remain silent on these issues; under the pretence that speaking out is bigoted and racist, there are few who object to anyone coming to Britain with the ideology of working and integrating into British society.

However, it is now crystal clear that the Left-wing ideology of creating a multicultural cohesive society has not worked and in fact has driven communities further apart and in doing so created greater racial tensions as never before.

The fear is now of course that things could well get far worse and we are about to pay the ultimate price of the Left-wing ideology and indoctrination by losing Britain’s national identity – yes maybe we’ve allowed the politicians, all in the name of political correctness, to hand over Britain to Brussels and in turn allow them to turn Britain into Europe’s dumping ground for social undesirables.

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  • Daffy200

    ALL countries I know ONLY admit people/workers THEY Want ie for specific needs only eg Doctors/nurses/Teachers/Architects… NOT Freeloaders and disguised terrorists!!

    Above ALL, countries should have the HUMAN RIGHT to retain Traditions and Culture
    by remaining eg BRITISH. AND ALL People who reside there should change and adopt BRITISH ways… if cant get a job within 6 months – DEPORT!