Migrant Voters Outnumber British Born Voters

Migrant Voters Outnumber British Born Voters

Two seats will be contested at the General Election where the majority of voters were born overseas.

A record four million people born abroad will be able to vote in May after a decade of mass immigration, a study predicted yesterday.

The figure – up 500,000 since the last election – represents one-tenth of the electorate.

In a historic development, more than half of those eligible to vote in London’s East Ham and Brent North seats were born overseas.

Source: Daily Mail


Is anyone really surprised about this latest revelation that Britain has effectively become a nation of a multicultural hotpot where migrants now outnumber British born citizens?

It’s unquestionable that this latest news will have the alarm bells ringing for those supporting nationalism and yet the make-up of Britain’s society was created by the vote; that is the majority voting in Labour who insisted that immigration was a good thing for Britain.

Migrant Voters

Even the hardline labourites have now admitted that they got immigration wrong but that hasn’t stopped the waves of foreigners coming to Britain; no it’s now almost impossible to stop or control due to the introduction of the Human Rights Act 1998 and the governments participation in the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).

The truth is that Britain, like any other nation, does need immigrants but where Britain has failed is to allow anyone to enter and it shouldn’t come as any surprise that many will come just to take advantage of the welfare system.

What Britain needs is a change in the law; primarily the re-writing of the Human Rights Act and pulling out of the ECHR.  This would allow Britain to effectively deport all those who have no legitimacy to reside in Britain; we’re talking about those living on benefits and those who commit crime.

A change in the law would also allow Britain to control who is granted permission to reside and such should be made up of professionals such as doctors, teachers and scientists; such will give Britain the ability to once again become an industrious nation and one that is prosperous.

Currently we have three parties to consider for this up and coming general election – Conservative, Labour and UKIP … yes the Liberal Democrats are not going to get a look in as their level of support has now almost dropped off the radar; of course Nick Clegg is still hoping for a hung parliament so that he can once again step into the shoes of Deputy Prime Minister and continue with his nefarious plans to all but destroy Britain.

If the public really wants to see a change then it’s obvious such won’t come from either Labour or the Tories but rather UKIP.

Yes it has to be said that UKIP is an untested entity but the question many are asking is whether UKIP could possibly make it any worse than either Labour and the Conservatives have done over the last 50 years … after all between the pair they’ve almost destroyed Britain’s national identity and sold it off to the EU who now has the power to dictate what the British public may or may not do.

You are free to leave your views on the subject below.  Remember you still have that democratic right to freely express yourselves … for how long nobody knows.

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