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Migrants Required to Pass English Test Before Claiming Benefits

Migrants Required to Pass English Test Before Claiming Benefits

MIGRANTS REQUIRED TO PASS ENGLISH TEST BEFORE CLAIMING BENEFITS – Yesterday it was revealed how the National Audit Office yet again refused to sign off on the public accounts of welfare due to the vast amount of fraud and errors within the system.

The cost to the taxpayer was some £3.5 billion and Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith certainly appears more than a little incompetent; well in fact more so when he had the audacity to tell a committee hearing over his failures that the losses were ‘stable’.

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As we have come to expect with our politicians, one day’s bad press is the next day’s announcement of a crackdown or tougher measures and as is tradition, this is such a day.

Iain Duncan Smith has now announced that all migrants coming from the EU after 1 January will be required to demonstrate a ‘reasonable command’ of the English barrier and failing to do so will result in such a person being denied the ability to claim benefits.

Now that might sound like a good idea but didn’t the Government recently announce that it would bar all new migrants from having access to the benefits system for the first three months?

‘Yes’ is the simple answer but the Government knows full well that this would be in breach of legislation signed by Britain and the other EU member states; therefore making it illegal.

Of course Iain Duncan Smith is in hot water at the moment; after all what person do you know that would be allowed to keep their job if they were directly responsible for a black hole in the accounting records to the tune of £3.5 billion?

Yes, only a politician or civil servant is ever afforded such a luxury and it certainly appears the more incompetent you are the greater the rewards.

Being in hot water means he had to come up with something in order to distract public attention but this latest notion has to be one of the most absurd I’ve ever witnessed and simply goes to show you just how desperate the Government is.

Quite frankly the Government is running scared as they don’t have the foggiest idea how to fix the problems.  The reality is none of them want to pull out of the EU for that will be their refuge to a very lucrative occupation once voted out of office; Neil Kinnock is testament to that fact.

According to Iain Duncan Smith, the tests will be applied to any migrant who attempts to claim any type of work-related welfare payments.

Iain Duncan Smith went on to announce that this will be the first time that migrants will be required to prove they are adept at communicating in English which would, if the ability was not adequate, prevent them from securing gainful employment.

The so-called new test will consist of 100 questions that also requires the submission of more evidence before being allowed to claim benefits

The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) claims that this will be the first time migrants will be quizzed as to their intentions for living and working in the UK and furthermore evidence may have to be provided to ensure they are coming to the UK to work and not simply entering to claim benefits.

Iain Duncan Smith also vowed to fight any attempts by Brussels to overturn the UK Government’s decision to implement such requirements; this remark in itself is a clear acknowledgement that what he is proposing is in fact illegal and Brussels will move in to block such attempts.

Call me an old cynic but it is now evidently clear that the Government has simply left the doors wide open and only now do they realise that climbing into bed with Brussels was not exactly the best thing for the taxpayer.

It will of course transpire that Brussels will oppose such measures and drag the UK Government through the European Courts; such action will inevitably result in massive fines that the taxpayer will be forced to pay and leave the welfare system wide open to all manner of abuse.

The only real acknowledgement that the Government will make is that the public are rightfully concerned over the Right of Free Movement and the increasing cost of welfare; especially when an incompetent system results in such astronomical sums of fraud.

From the hundreds of forums, comment boards and indeed news articles on this subject it is clear that there is a movement towards voting for UKIP in the next General Election as many now see this as the only political party who is willing to pull out of the EU in order to stave off the ever increasing legislative interference that will eventually bankrupt Britain.

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