Millionaire Muggers Get 53 Years in Jail

Millionaire Muggers Get 53 Years in Jail

MILLIONAIRE MUGGERS GET 53 YEARS IN JAIL - A group of thugs, dubbed the ‘Rolex Muggers’ have finally been caught and sentenced to a total of 53 years imprisonment.

Since the gangs activities began it is thought they netted over £2 million during their reign of terror on unsuspecting celebrates and other high-profile individuals, including Bernie Ecclestone, Sir Nigel Rudd, BAA Chairman and a string of other people, amounting to what police report as over 40 victims of muggings.

Millionaire Muggers, dubbed the 'Rolex Muggers' were jailed for a total of 53 years following their court case. Is society a victim of its own sense of humanity?

The gang, Gulam Gani, 47, Nicholas Lewis, 34, and Shaun Wallace, 30 modus operandi, was to stalk their victims, often following them to clubs, restaurants and other entertainment venues than then following them home, where they would strike.

These crimes where particularly brutal, in most case, where the gang didn’t simply rob the individuals of their cash and jewellery, but systematically beat, punched and kicked their victims to the ground, resulting in most requiring hospital treatment.

With this and other types of violent crime have we not become a victim of our own sense of humanity?  Let me explain…

The laws of the United Kingdom have changed dramatically over the last 20 years.  We have seen the introduction of the Human Rights Act and other legislation imposed upon us via legislative bodies in the European Union, which are all designed to allow an individual certain humanitarian rights, regardless of how heinous the crime in question happens to be.

Where does this leave us as a society?  Do we sleep better at night knowing these criminals are behind bars or do we resent the fact that what they have received by the courts is nothing more than the good-life, living in comfort with three square meals a day and all the other benefits, such as education and recreation?

Millionaire Muggers beat, punched and kicked Bernie Ecclestone with savage force.

Bernie Ecclestone – Victim of the Millionaire Muggers

For the liberals of this world they would tell you that no human being should be made to suffer or be humiliated.  Try telling that to the victims of crime.

There have been numerous calls for a referendum on the reinstatement of corporal and capital punishment and yet the UK Government continues to turn a deaf ear on the possibility.

When did the Government obtain the right, under democracy, to dictate to the people, what is right and what is wrong – should we not have a referendum and let the democratic voice be heard?

There is of course a real fear, from Government, that the people will vote for the cane to be reintroduced in our schools in order to instill discipline and that the death sentence should be reintroduced for such crimes as murder.

The real issue doesn’t appear to be as to whether these types of punishments should be reintroduced but rather when such punishment should be handed down by a court of law.  The law, by its very nature is fallible and there have been many wrongly convicted people since the time of law first being introduced in the United Kingdom, which occurred around the time of William the Conqueror in 1066.

I know of many people that would like to see, for crimes such as the one above, the reintroduction of the Birch.  When you look at societies, such as Singapore, who have extremely stringent laws and who readily hand out the cane for crimes against society, would it not be in the UK’s interest to adopt a similar system.

Is it really inhumane to punish a criminal when that very criminal is quiet happy to dish out a beating to its victim?  The argument here always appears to be that rarely would a criminal re-offend if such a punishment was executed.

The words I often hear, not just from people I know, but from the very victims is, “An Eye for an Eye” – therefore, and considering we are a Christian Country, should not the passage of the bible be enacted into law so that fitting punishment could be provided for the victims or would we indeed lose our sense of humanity by perpetrating such an act?

Regardless to your personal opinions, or indeed those of mine, the hard truth is that the type of crime detailed above, is on the rise and society on the whole is becoming more violent as the divide of social segregation of the haves, and have not’s, continue to grow and where a multi-cultural society no longer provides definition of who or what we are as a society.

If a referendum was provided by the UK Government on bring back the Birch and Death Penalty which way would you vote?

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