Millions of British Households Eating Halal Meat without Knowing

by Editor | May 8, 2014 4:29 am

MILLIONS OF BRITISH HOUSEHOLD EATING HALAL MEAT WITHOUT KNOWING IT – The Daily Mail this morning published an article which reveals the disturbing truth that more and more Halal meat is being served up to the population without their knowledge.

There are a few things we need to address here but before you read on take a look at the video below for this shows the horrific conditions in which an animal is subjected to under such religious ideology; it is quite frankly a death you wouldn’t subject a child murderer to and yet according to the religious teachings of Islam, this is the only way an animal should die.

WARNING: The video below is EXTREMELY horrific and disturbing; we therefore urge you to watch this with caution.

Little do most people realize, there is a severe contradiction with ‘political correctness’ and ‘democracy’.  You see, political correctness is wholly designed to keep the electorate quiet and when they do speak out, persecutes them with charges of racism and bigotry.  In contrast, democracy is to allow you to air your views openly and honestly without persecution.

Currently at we are running a petition for the banning of Halal meat within the UK; it is not according to the mainstream politicians ‘politically correct’ to do so for it targets a particular segment of society. No doubt, the progressive liberals will take it a step further and declare it an act of discrimination and racism.

In our view, you have a democratic right to either support the ban by adding your signature or abstaining if you do not support such a move… both are your rights under a system of democracy and we have no right to lambaste anyone who’s view may be contrary to our own; that is democracy.

And there you have it; the system of political correctness continues to suppress democracy.

But what is democracy?  In a democracy each and every individual has the right to express their opinion and call for a change where they feel change is required.

This does not however guarantee change can be brought about for democracy requires the ‘majority’ voice to take precedence; therefore whatever the majority consensus happens to be, only then can change be effected and it must meet the overwhelming view of the majority.

It should now be perfectly obvious that the UK is NOT a democratic country but one that is ruled by the fear of political correctness and your vote ultimately installs a government that won’t comply with the rules of democracy for fear of being called out as racists and as bigots.

According to the latest statistics the ethnic minorities, including the Muslim community, make up around 14% of the population and yet look closely as to how they have managed to infiltrate almost every aspect of government and apply political correctness to their advantage.

David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband continue to warn the voting public of the dangers of voting UKIP in the EU election and next year’s General Election.  The continuous message is that Nigel Farage and his UKIP members are predominantly racists; frankly it is the only card they are able to play for the last thing they want is someone who may, just may, give back democracy to the British public.

Before you dismiss this as nonsense, take a look at just one example. During the floods earlier this year the public called upon David Cameron to divert foreign aid back to Britain in order to help the poor souls who were made homeless.

David Cameron’s response, despite vast overwhelming public support to divert foreign aid, was to refuse the public their democratic voice.

There are literally dozens of other examples but this one alone clearly demonstrates that David Cameron will deny you your democratic rights if he feels that any action taken would conflict with political correctness… yes, it is politically correct to give to other countries according to David Cameron despite the fact that the funds never reach those it is designed to help and despite the fact that we now know that vast sums of the foreign aid budget go towards helping known terrorist organisations, including Al-Qaeda.


Foreign Aid Handed to Convicted Terrorists[1]

£3 Billion Foreign Aid Cash Wasted[2]

Foreign Aid Continues to Help Al Qaeda in Somalia[3]

Cameron Declares £11 Billion Foreign Aid Budget His Proudest Achievement[4]

There are many things that the British public want, including a referendum on Europe and the prevention of a wholly evil religion being permitted to infiltrate every aspect of society.

David Cameron and his merry band of dictators might well call the British public racists for asking for such but in reality the British public are the most tolerant and humanitarian of people and most simply want a country whereby mutual respect is prevalent and where political correctness is no longer able to stifle democracy.

May 7, 2015; that is the date of the General Election.  There is now clearly a growing segment of the population that fully understand the perils of political correctness and how it is destroying the very fabric of a society and far from making it ‘cohesive’ as the likes of David Cameron reports. It is in fact dividing the nation and effectively installing fear so that your democratic voice can be silenced.

Come May 7, 2015 it might well be Britain’s last chance to claw back democracy before all power is handed over to the politically correct super state; that being the EU, and at which point democracy will be finally killed off and an EU totalitarian super state takes over.

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