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Minimum Wage Set to Increase to £6.50 an Hour

Minimum Wage Set to Increase to £6.50 an Hour

MINIMUM WAGE SET TO INCREASE TO £6.50 AN HOUR – The announcement that the minimum wage is set to increase by an inflation busting 3% adding a future £370 a year to the pay packets of millions of ‘minimum wage’ workers is certainly a welcome move.

The Chancellor George Osborne announced that the minimum wage increase was a reward for workers helping the British economy to recover and continue gaining momentum.

I’ve got a problem with this and no matter which newspaper or online news provider is running this story none, no not one, have bothered to look for the missing pieces.

I’m sure that an extra £370 a year will be greatly appreciated by those working on minimum wage; I’m not so sure however if it will be greeted with the same glee as it did when MPs were awarded a £10,000 a year increase late last year.

Yes the disparity between those supposedly working for the people and those subjected to working on minimum wage is highly offensive; but that’s OK because ultimately any concerns the public might have will be summarily dismissed.

As for George Osborne’s assertions of a growing economy, well what can you say other than it’s a complete and utter fairy tale, you know the one where someone fools the King in to believing he’s wearing new clothes when in fact he’s naked.

The truth is that the economic recovery, that 1.9% growth, is being fuelled by personal debt.  That is people are now more than ever using their credit cards to pay their mortgages, grocery bills, fuel bills and yes treating themselves to the odd bit of entertainment.

You can’t build an economic recovery on personal debt for this merely gives the illusion that people are spending and therefore purchasing goods which effectively drives the economy.

On the other hand people, who really don’t understand the economy, are basically not being given the truth, and that an economic recovery simply means that the Government won’t have to borrow quite as much next year as they did this year to keep the Britain afloat.

Yes, the Government, despite lauding their virtues of economic prowess and control, will still be borrowing billions in order to keep the over-inflated public sector afloat and ensure that the welfare system doesn’t collapse under the weight of the inept and lazy.

Now if I just burst your bubble of in which you were deluded and happy then I apologise but the truth is the increase is nothing more than George Osborne’s acknowledgement of the issues with growing personal debt and the minimum wage increase is designed to reduce it.

This is the underlying reason I despise all politicians and refuse to vote, for I won’t be party to installing a Government that treats its citizens like retarded children who are incapable to absorbing or handling the truth.

By the time the next General Election is held David Cameron would have added a further £700 billion to the national debt; that’s twice what Tony Blair and Gordon Brown added in 13 years.

Frankly it won’t really matter who you vote for in the next General Election because there are some experts who are predicting the financial collapse of Britain sometime in 2014 or 2015.

Yes, I fully appreciate we’ve all heard the ‘the end of the world is nigh’ but Britain does carry considerably more debt than any other European nation and unless we can adequately address welfare and the public sector, something Mr. Cameron vowed and failed to do, then Britain will continue to accumulate debt until it finally goes bust.

I’m sure there are many people right now who are grateful for the increase to the minimum wage and certainly it is much needed; unfortunately the way it was delivered was simply on a lie in order to make the Government look somewhat competent heading towards a General Election.

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