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Minister Calls for Ban on Calling People Fat

Minister Calls for Ban on Calling People Fat

MINISTER CALLS FOR BAN ON CALLING PEOPLE FAT – According to Scottish MP Jo Swinson she believes that it’s politically incorrect to call people fat and that any type of ‘fat talk’ should be banned from public use.

Yes the likes of referring to someone as having ‘cankles’, ‘bingo wings’, ‘muffin tops’ and as such should be outlawed and that anyone using such a term to shame fat people should be severely dealt with.

The equalities minister went on to state that it was depressingly commonplace to hear women and even young girls insulting their own bodies and this ‘shaming’ must be put an end to.

It appears as if Ms. Swinson is not alone in her cause to outlaw such ‘fat talk’ for the likes of Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence has called for the word ‘fat’ to be made illegal on the use of television.

Tyra Banks has also launched her own campaign alongside Special K cereal brand to discourage women from using ‘fat talk’.

According to the supermodel she feels the term ‘fiercely real’ which she uses is far more politically correct than using labels such as ‘plus size’; a label she says is highly offensive.

Another issue being covered is the campaigns which focus on weight loss in which Ms. Swinson and others believe should be re-branded so that they focus on women becoming healthy.

Ms. Swinson blames the fashion industry with its attempt to depict that only ‘one size’ is considered attractive and that there is a growing public demand that the fashion industry should focus on women of all sizes in order to show that size doesn’t necessarily relate to beauty. says …

To a degree Ms. Swinson has a very valid point; her assertion that sizes doesn’t related to beauty is of course entirely correct.

However, this is yet more political correctness rhetoric from politicians that we simply do not need, as there are far more pressing issues in the world that should be addressed before attempting to tackle issues that may be considered as of little consequence to the development of humanity as a whole.

Have we really become so insecure that we must now enshrine more political correctness into law that attempts to control every word we utter?

What does it say about us as a society when politicians feel it is vital to change our views through legislation?  Surely it is either an acknowledgement of our ignorance or that we are simply incapable of displaying a little tact or common decency.

I wonder how long it will be before we are no longer able to call a murderer a ‘scumbag’ but rather refer to such a person as a ‘humanitarianly challenged individual’.

The public are well aware of the madness of ‘political correctness’ as with each one we are silenced just a little bit more and it will come to the point whereby any word or phrase we utter can be successfully challenged in a court of law.

For now of course no such law exists and therefore I’m able to look in the mirror and sensibly determine I’m fat; something that my friends often point out but I’m not about to take offense to what is simply the truth.

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