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Ministers to Further Crackdown on EU Migrants Accessing Benefits

Ministers to Further Crackdown on EU Migrants Accessing Benefits

MINISTERS TO FURTHER CRACKDOWN ON EU MIGRANTS ACCESSING BENEFITS – Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith and the Home Secretary Theresa May have declared that jobless migrants will be denied housing or unemployment benefit.

This move is seen as a way to redress the balance in the workplace and immigration that Labour got so terribly wrong.

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According to Iain Duncan Smith and Theresa May, Britain’s welfare system is a magnet to citizens of other EU states as they see Britain as a soft touch where welfare and all manner of benefits are there for the taking.

Both have pointed to the disparity between British and foreign workers.  According to their figures the number of British people who lost their jobs between 2005 and 2010 stood at 413,000 whilst the number of foreign worker gaining employment in that period rose to 736,000.

Both Iain Duncan Smith and Theresa May are perfectly correct in that there has to be a balance for without it animosity will fester as more and more British unemployed feel left on the sidelines and those paying taxes believe they are simply being taken for a ride.

Under Labour’s mass immigration plans it was clear that the British people had been betrayed; some referred it to an act of treason as they opened the doors and flooded Britain with workers who would happily work for very little.  In turn this depressed wages for the low-skilled segment of the workforce leaving many languishing on unemployment and unable to find work.

The Government intends to introduce a new set of rules in April, with EU arrivals who claim jobseeker’s allowance not being able to claim housing benefit as well.

For those who become unemployed, benefits will be restricted to just six months and they will have to provide evidence they have a genuine prospect of work.

All the plans appear fine and this Government must continue to reform welfare right across the board and not just with the ideology of targeting foreigners.

Britain’s benefits system, if left untouched, will see Britain fall to the same fate as Greece although such an event would have much farther reaching consequence in which Britain would almost certainly never recover.

There is nothing wrong with attracting foreign workers; indeed it is essential that Britain does so for it needs a younger and more vibrant workforce if Britain is going to be able to sustain caring for people in their retirement years.

What Britain needs is to give the EU an ultimatum in that it either allows Britain to deal with its own affairs or it pulls out.

Under existing EU legislation, all the plans for restricting the number of EU foreigners and welfare would be deemed illegal by the EU therefore leaving Britain open to prosecution.

Britain desperately needs the ability to control those entering the UK and should restrict it to those who have offers of work or are highly skilled.

With tighter border restrictions, the Government must then turn its attention to those living a life on benefits; that is the scroungers, the lazy and the inept.

It’s time a clear and unequivocal message was delivered in that you either find work or you can work for your benefits by cleaning and maintaining Britain’s streets.

Britons are often seen by EU migrants as lazy and it’s not surprising considering how easy it is to live a life on benefits.  Of course this in turn breeds the idea that if Britons are able to have such a luxury then why can’t a foreign national?

We really do need to change our attitudes in order to work towards a society of workers that respect one another regardless of race, colour or creed and where law and order exists in order to make society a safer place.

All this can be achieved, but it will require a turning our mindsets to a bygone era in that once Britain was a great nation full of industrious and inventive people.

I believe it still exists but it’s been suppressed by welfare entitlement for far too long. Together we can turn Britain around but it will take work and it will mean sacrificing the welfare system.

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