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Ministers Warn Parents to Install Filters on Mobile Devices Brought for Children this Christmas

Ministers Warn Parents to Install Filters on Mobile Devices Brought for Children this Christmas

MINISTERS WARN PARENTS TO INSTALL FILTERS ON MOBILE DEVICES BROUGHT FOR CHILDREN THIS CHRISTMAS – Thinking about buying your children the latest electronic devices this Christmas?

Items such as iPad, smartphones and even games consoles can expose children to online pornography and Ministers are warning parents to ensure they install the necessary filters that will block pornography and other online adult content that their children should not have access to.

It is announced, in a complete government turn around, that we will block online pornography for children as David Cameron steps up to the demand from parents.

The Government is stepping up its warnings for parents that do buy their children computers, tablets and other devices that connect to the internet in order to ensure anti-porn filters are installed.

With the recent wave of public awareness Google recently agreed to remove certain elements of online pornography from its servers; most notably child pornography.


Fantastic News: Google Blocks Child Porn

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are also now taking steps so that household will have to opt-in if they want to be able to view and download pornography available on the internet.


Support Our Campaign to Block Online Pornography to our Children

David Cameron: We Will Block Online Pornography for Children

These are all good measures in order to protect our children but mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones are often over-looked but are at risk due to roaming Wi-Fi connections.

Both Tesco and Argos recently announced that computers and mobile devices are now the biggest sellers in the lead up to Christmas as parents flock to get the latest models.

Culture Secretary Maria Miller stated in a recent report that this is all well and good but parents need to be fully aware of the dangers these devices expose children too and that anti-porn filters should be installed in order to prevent them from viewing such material.

In a recent development the top four ISPs in Britain have agreed with the Government to ask all households whether they want porn filters installed over the next year; this came about due to Government pressure and David Cameron insisting ISPs do more to protect children.

Currently TalkTalk and Sky have now made network filters available; these filters do not require parents to install filters for other devices but until the other ISPs follow suit it is still possible for children to access online porn if their devices do not have a filter.  Both BT and Virgin announced that they too would install such filters across their networks within the next couple of months.

According to Ofcom the use of tablets has tripled among five to fifteen year olds since 2012; some 42% of this age group now access the internet using such devices.

Infant use is also on the rise with children aged between three and four years old now having access to tablets; which now stands at approximately 28% of all infants in this age range.

We certainly have to accept that we now live in a digital age and where most of our information comes from the internet but with its growth has come a number of dangers and none more so than exposing our children to widespread pornography.

Computers, tablets and other mobile devices are now part of daily life both at work and our social lives.

With the recent move by the Government to force ISPs to change it is now expected that by the end of 2014 all customers of the top four ISPs will be required to make a choice as to whether filters are installed.

As for WiFi the providers they are now moving to ensure adult content is filtered and any user attempting to view adult content will have to prove they are over the age of eighteen or the connection will be severed.  By the end of 2014 this capability will cover some 90% of the network across Britain.

Remember if you are buying computers or mobile devices for your children this Christmas ensure that adult content filters are installed.

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