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MoD to Outlaw Armed Forces Personnel from Shouting at Detainees

MoD to Outlaw Armed Forces Personnel from Shouting at Detainees

MOD TO OUTLAW ARMED FORCES PERSONNEL FROM SHOUTING AT DETAINEES – Shouting at a detainee during an interrogation is often referred to as ‘shock interrogation’ or a ‘direct challenge’; the idea is that you shock and frighten the detainee in giving up valuable military intel.

Ministry of Defence - Whitehall

That is all about to change as an Iraqi national, Haidar Ali Hussein, is engaged in a legal challenge with the MoD arguing that such an act breaches the Geneva Convention.

To date Haidar Ali Hussein’s legal challenge has cost the taxpayer tens of thousands of pounds in legal costs and the MoD can see no end in sight to what could now pave the way for many other such legal challenges.

According to the MoD’s lawyer, Sam Wordsworth QC, the policy for using such interrogation tactics is lawful however according to MoD officials it is rarely used.

Over the last six months or so we’ve published a number of articles on the decline of the British Armed Forces; indeed this year alone the Armed Forces have been reduced from 108,000 personnel to just 82,000.

Recently we witnessed the Government hang out to dry Sergeant Alexander Blackman after being tried and found guilty of murdering a Taliban insurgent;  Sergeant Alexander Blackman was subsequently sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.


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We’ve also continuously published articles on the failings of the MoD regarding the public funds that is allocated to it; the mismanagement and incompetency of which is staggering.

I am beginning to understand now why the MoD has been significantly reducing not only personnel but the equipment deemed essential to allow our troops to fight enemy combatants for we have become so entangled in the madness of political correctness that our troops are no longer able to do the job they are trained for; therefore becoming surplus to requirement.

We continuously hear about the abuse of Iraqi and Afghanistan detainees but the Government appears nonchalant to the atrocities leveled against innocent men, women and children from terrorist groups.

The Government continues with the rhetoric that we are fighting against the war on terror where in fact we’re being maneuvered, through political correctness, that prevents us from taking any direct action; and if we do there is hell to pay – Sergeant Alexander Blackman is testament to that fact.

What are we doing in Iraq and Afghanistan?  Certainly there is never any hope that our influence is going to change centuries of culture and ideology.

Both conflict zones are nothing more than a complete and utter waste of public money and some in Government, notably Sir Jeremy Heywood, is still refusing to allow the release of certain documentation that would almost certainly see Tony Blair facing The Hague for war crimes.


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What is almost inconceivable here is that Haidar Ali Hussein has never in fact been subjected to a ‘direct challenge’ but feels that such an act must be outlawed on humanitarian grounds – I wonder if Haidar Ali Hussein has ever considered humanitarian issues regarding the beating of women by their husbands and the authorities for even the most minor breaches of Islamic law?

It’s about time David Cameron woke up to the fact that we are never going to make any real difference in Iraqi or Afghanistan and therefore take the measure to finally pull out all of our troops.  Such an action would prevent the on-going loss of life on both sides and will certainly help save the taxpayer from having to support the needless and senseless conflicts.

I doubt at this point in time that a single citizen of the United Kingdom would continue to support any involvement in either Iraqi or Afghanistan; it is certainly time that our troops were brought back home and let the Iraqi and Afghanistan citizens sort out their own problems.

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