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Modern Man and Man Bags

Modern Man and Man Bags

MODERN MAN AND MAN BAGS – In my day the only thing a man carried was his wallet, either tucked away in his back pocket or within his jacket pocket.

Back then the contents were sparse, mainly consisting of a driver’s licence, a donor card and hopefully a few quid.

Most guys I knew would look upon a woman and wonder why they needed to carry around their life’s entire content; the joke was that they had every conceivable object all bar the kitchen sink.

Times of course have changed and it is now a growing trend or rather a necessity for men to carry handbags (man bags I’ve heard them referred to).

Modern Man and Man Bags

According to recent research the rise in man bags is in line with the increase demand for gadgets and technology.

Not satisfied with a simple smartphone, men now feel the need to carry almost every conceivable gadget including their smartphones, tablets, laptop computer, cameras and headphones.

The research also uncovers that the average value to the contents of a man bag is nearly £900 in value and men are now taking to stuffing their man bags with other content including spare underwear, after-shave, toothbrush and all manner of other nick-knacks in order to make their daily lives more convenient.

There are times that I feel as if I’m being left behind, for I have a desktop computer that I work on exclusively.  I do have a laptop but I never use it and as for my smartphone… well that’s an iPhone 3 and now requires it to be constantly plugged into the mains for the battery doesn’t charge any more.

The only thing I carry on me when going out is my wallet and my friends often berate me for not buying a new phone and carrying it around with me; but I hate answering the phone and I loathe talking on the phone.

I guess I’m just old fashioned where I still feel that a conversation is best held face to face so that I can fully understand the purpose of the conversation through old fashioned body language and expression.

In all honesty I did recently look at a new smartphone but I quickly found that things had changed and instead of them being easier to use I found them far more complicated and therefore declined to purchase a new one.

I have a fear that one day I’ll wake up and feel the need to stuff a man bag full of what people call ‘the essentials’ in order just to pop round the corner and I find it offensive that I should be somehow chained to the need to carry so much… er junk.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve sat in a pub with friends and the only thing I can hear is bleeps, pings, and rings and I often become irate how people feel the need to cut off a conversation half way through just to find out who is texting them, sending them pictures and of course who feels the dire need to talk about an issue that could have waited until they met in person.

I think for now I’ll stick with my wallet for I really don’t want to be carrying around a bag full of gadgets in order to appear more sociable or indeed trendy.

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  • SaiLangKham

    You really should come to Shan State (Union of Burma) where you will find that most guys (men and boys) carry a ‘Shan Bag’. This is usually hand-woven, in a traditional pattern, worn over the shoulder, and is an amazingly practical item of ‘clothing’.It could be argued that this is needed because neither a longyi (traditional sarong) nor a Shan Suit contains pockets (in the case of the Shan Suit the pockets are not very useful). Wherever I am in the world, I carry a Shan Bag with me, though I recently acquired a similar Karen Bag, woven for me by a Karen friend, and sometimes that gets worn instead.

    Very sadly, with the changes taking place in Myanmar, the longyi is rapidly disappearing from the streets of Yangon as people start to wear ‘western’ clothes…. horrid things such as jeans. This is not a good idea as the humidity makes the wearing of (long) trousers very uncomfortable, whereas the natural air circulation in the longyi makes it very practical when the climate gets ‘sticky’. It’s worth adding that any change at the political level in Myanmar is simply an illusion. The military are not inclined to give up power and will not change the constitution to allow Aung San Suu Kyi to run for President. .

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