Money Cannot Buy You Happiness: Lottery Couple Split

Money Cannot Buy You Happiness: Lottery Couple Split

MONEY CANNOT BUY YOU HAPPINESS: LOTTERY COUPLE SPLIT – It was one of the happiest days of their lives just 15 months ago after Adrian and Gillian Bayford scooped a massive £148 million on the EuroMillions lottery.

Gillian and Adrian Bayford did agree to the media announcement by taking the attitude that this type of win was never going to be secret for that long.

Gillian and Adrian Bayford Lottery Winners

For most people who each week religiously buy a ticket or two, the sight of someone winning such a vast sum certainly draws pangs of jealously with many asking why not me or when will it be me.

Since their win, Adrian and Gillian Bayford appeared extremely happy; after all they could now do whatever they liked and pretty much buy anything their hearts desired.

At times both Adrian and Gillian Bayford did say that the constant stream of begging letters was more than a little depressing, but they did in fact read them and helped out where they felt it appropriate to do so.

With such a sizable bank account the couple decided to treat themselves to the usual fair of expensive cars and of course, the country mansion.

Yesterday Adrian and Gillian Bayford announced that their marriage had irrevocably broken down; Adrian puts it all down to the stress of having to manage such a vast sum of money, but there are rumours that Gillian was having an affair with their gardener Chris Tovey.

Adrian has now moved out of their £6 million mansion and moved into a more modest four bedroom home costing £500,000; according to Adrian the mansion was too much, far too big and a burden to maintain.

The statistics show that you have a 14,000,000 to 1 chance of winning the lottery but I guess my chances are none at all considering I don’t do the lottery; but if you are one of those people who do, would it make you truly happy?

Gillian and Adrian Bayford Lottery Winners

Adrian has denied that Gillian had an affair and that such was just a silly rumour; the split came about purely due to financial stress.

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Money is, as many people will acknowledge, the root of all evil and yet despite this fact there remains millions of people who each week buy a ticket or two and then sit glued to the television hoping that this will be the week when their numbers will finally come up and end all their financial worries.

Before Adrian and Gillian Bayford won the money, Adrian had his own little music store and the couple didn’t have any real problems.  There were no begging letters and maintaining their modest home wasn’t an issue.

Yes they didn’t drive around in expensive sports cars or have the ability to drop everything and jet off on a private plane to anywhere that their hearts desired; yet they were happy.

For those of us who struggle to make ends meet month in and month out it is little wonder why so many people buy lottery tickets; for when you do see the smiling faces of other winners it must appear that life for them is complete and utter bliss.

I don’t buy lottery tickets, in fact I don’t gamble at all – it’s not that I wouldn’t mind having a few extra quid in the bank but I would much rather earn it.

Generally when you earn money you are far more appreciative of it and above all, you respect the fact of just how hard it was to come by.

If you are fortunate enough to become wealthy then most other people don’t assume that you’ll be prepared to simply give it away; yes very wealthy people do get begging letters but there appears to be a divide in perception, that is people almost expect those who win money to give it away whilst the opposite applies to those who earn it.

I have a couple of friends who are well-off, in fact they are loaded to the tune of millions but they worked extremely hard for their wealth – not a single lottery winner among them.

We’ve often discussed money and each of them have told me that when you reach a certain level of wealth life becomes sometimes far more difficult.

It is so tempting to spend, spend, spend and yet wealth only remains if you are capable of controlling it and that is stressful and requires a fair amount of time to manage properly.

It certainly must be a thrill to be able to walk into an Aston Marin showroom knowing that you can afford their fair or indeed any other automobile manufacturer.

It must also be exciting to order and take delivery of your new car, but these feelings are only temporary and soon wear off within a week or two – when money no longer becomes a barrier to the things you desire then those desires quickly wane.

I read quite a lot about Adrian and Gillian Bayford and I always thought what a wonderful couple they were; they just seemed to be level headed and I was sure that their new found wealth would in fact be wisely used and that happiness ensued.

I do actually feel very sorry for both Adrian and Gillian Bayford for it is undeniable that their lottery win has driven them apart which only enforces the notion that money cannot buy happiness.

We can only hope now that both Adrian and Gillian Bayford find some form of peace and that they will once again find the happiness they once had; this time of course with different directions in life.

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