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Money: Is there Ever Really Enough?

Money: Is there Ever Really Enough?

MONEY: IS THERE EVER REALLY ENOUGH? – Just for a moment stop and put a price on your life; I’m not referring to the value of a human life for there can be no such value, but rather how much money would you need to ensure that the remainder of your days are spent being able to do whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted.

I can tell you that most people have pondered this little conundrum and each time they’ve thought about it carefully the figure will have increased and even decreased as their perception of need, want and ultimately desire changes over time.

The increase can be attributed to the cost of living; yes it’s not getting any cheaper and as people grow older they often consider not the luxuries but rather the cost of professional care.

On the other side of the coin there are those who realise that they don’t in fact need as much money as they would have in their youth; those images of rushing down the ski slopes or owning a tropical island to escape the rat race often becomes a simple acknowledgement of a youthful fantasy.

There are those who consider wealth to be obscene and yet this connation generally comes from those who have spent a life-time scraping by.  Of course those who openly admonish the wealthy are those that invariably pin their hopes on the weekly lottery draw.

It is a contradiction, but with the UK’s lottery odds standing at 14 million to 1 most will be able to continue berating the wealthy for their numbers are most unlikely to ever come up.

It would be easy to admonish such people but that’s rather a narrow view for realistically most people would like a little more in order to make life just a little more manageable and dare I say fulfilling.

I certainly can remember my youth and the big dreams I had of driving fast cars, living in a mansion and jumping aboard my private jet whenever it suited me… I’m sure we’ve all fantasised about the jet-set life.

Since starting a little over a year ago I honestly think many of my views have changed.  Indeed my friends tell me that I’m now a little more pragmatic and they have seen this through the articles that I’ve published.

For those of you who are still in your youth I can tell you that desire doesn’t wane with age, however, they do change as you begin to acknowledge the wider picture of life around you and appreciate that no matter how little you have there is always someone, somewhere with considerably less.

So what’s your figure?  Someone asked that question to me just last week and I decided to sit down and really think about it.  The initial figure I came up with was £10 million. Yes, it’s a vast sum of money but I figured in many factors including the ability to take care of my immediate family and friends.

I honestly believe that with wealth comes a vast responsibility.  I’m a huge fan of the likes of Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, not for their ability to generate such vast wealth, although that is impressive but rather their ability to see beyond their own needs to the needs of others.

Both, along with many other billionaires, have ploughed in huge quantities of cash into humanitarian causes; there is nothing more noble than attempting to help others and if everyone were to take the same pragmatic approach I’m sure humanity as a whole would be far more peaceful, healthy and with people living fuller and richer lives – not simply in terms of having disposable income but rather their ability to progress with their own life’s aspirations.

During my analysis of what I would need I also wrote a mirror list; and this was purely a selfish compilation as to the amount where I would be comfortable for the rest of my life – the figure was still a sizable sum at £4 million.

When you look at the figure it would be easy to say that this is just pure greed however you should look closely at what such a sum is capable of purchasing.

A modest home could easily set you back a million and by the time you’ve furnished it, bought a decent car, maybe taken a holiday to visit places you desire to see it can quickly become depleted.

In this day and age you could blow two or three million without much of a problem but here we are exploring the ability to sustain a living for the remainder of a life and therefore it is prudent to acknowledge that you would need to put by a sizable sum for investment purposes so that you didn’t run out in your old age – something I am approaching at break-neck speed.

If you want to know just how easy it is to spend a lot of money then undertake a search online of lottery winners that are flat broke.  You will be surprised just how many lottery winners are right back where they started for they simply were not adequately prepared to acquire such and had little or no idea how to manage it.

Money is the root of all evil… yes we’ve all heard that one and yet it doesn’t stop the majority of people buying lottery tickets.  Is their pursuit one of greed or just a desire to break free from the financial constraints that most of us are bound to?

Money can, according to some, buy you happiness. Yes there are some extremely wealthy people who will openly attest to the happiness they feel by being wealthy and they view the phrase of ‘money can’t buy you happiness’ as mere rhetoric from the poor in order to convince themselves that money is the root of all evil.

Regardless to your views, it is a fact that most of us cannot do without money and the lack of it certainly makes a lot of us very unhappy; especially at times when we would like to help others but are unable to do so due to financial restrictions.

I for one, even at the age of 50, still have a desire to be wealthy, although I can honestly say that those desires have changed; I no longer dream of driving a Ferrari but certainly buying a home in the tropics (not a private island) is something that I consider a priority; escaping the rat race and living a life of philanthropy is something I would certainly love to pursue.

If you have any perspective on wealth and what you would do with it then please leave your thoughts in the comments section below – it certainly would be interesting to see how other’s perceive wealth and what they would do with it if they had it… It would also be interesting to see what type of figure people would need in order to fulfill their dreams.

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