Monster Typhoon Hits the Philippines

MONSTER TYPHOON HITS THE PHILIPPINES – The Philippine islands makes up a country that is often ravished by tropical storms, earthquakes and typhoons.

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The latest typhoon to hit across the eastern region of the Philippines was unlike any other ever experienced in history as winds reached record speeds of 235 mph.

The Philippines; a tropical playground for millions of tourists each year but a country bathed in abject poverty, corruption and violent crime for its residents.

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Only last month the Philippines were subjected to yet another earthquake measuring 7.2 on the Richter Scale and now Typhoon Haiyan has struck with biblical proportions as it reached Category 5 status.

The UK recently experienced ravaging storms that uprooted trees and destroyed property but this event was nothing compared to what the Philippines endures annually.

This year alone the Philippines have been subjected to no less than 24 natural disasters ranging from typhoons to earthquakes and with a population living in such poverty and squalor it is unimaginable how things could get any worse.

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Philippine authorities are now warning that up to 12 million people are now at risk from disease and death and over 125,000 people have now been evacuated from the towns and villages affect.

As the storm continues to rage and move across the country authorities are warning residents to brace themselves and prepare for disaster – there appears no escaping the wrath of Mother Nature for these poor souls.

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Currently the Red Cross and other aid agencies are concerned that reports of deaths will rise once communications are restored; which could take weeks if not months.

Yesterday Philippines president Benigno Aquino gave his people little or no comfort after his national address gave the people one simple message, “Get out while you can!”

Typhoon Haiyan is now heading towards the South China Sea and could hit Vietnam as early as tonight as it continues on its path of destruction.

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Meteorologists told reporters that Typhoon Haiyan was one of the strongest Typhoons ever to hit land fall in modern times and has left parts of the Philippines a disaster zone.

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