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More Foreign Aid Provided to Nigeria Despite New Anti Gay Laws

More Foreign Aid Provided to Nigeria Despite New Anti Gay Laws

MORE FOREIGN AID PROVIDED TO NIGERIA DESPITE NEW ANTI GAY LAWS – Last year David Cameron vowed to reduce the massive amount Britain provides to Nigeria in foreign aid if it pressed ahead with its anti gay laws.

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According to Nigeria’s President, Goodluck Jonathan, the new anti gay laws were to criminalise same-sex marriage, civil unions and even gay organisations in a bid to reduce the spread of HIV and AIDS.

The move was enacted into law on January 7, and has already seen reports of gay men being rounded up in which the penalty, if found guilty, is up to 10 years imprisonment; such a sentence can even be handed down for men who openly hold hands in public.

David Cameron last year upon hearing the news sent a strong message to the President stating that if such a law was passed the British Government would have no choice but to review the vast amount of foreign aid Britain provides annually.

You might think that such a move by Mr. Cameron is the right thing to do but on the other hand as an act of humanitarianism you might feel we should continue supporting such a poor nation.

For the liberal progressives this will pose as a dilemma for on one hand they don’t want to place any undue hardship on a country racked by poverty whilst on the other they don’t want to see a certain segment of the population persecuted.

Not too worry for in steps the Department of International Development, who under immense pressure from Government figures to spend taxpayer’s money, declared that the West African state wouldn’t lose a single penny.

The lack of action by Mr. Cameron is appalling and not just for those who will be persecuted just because they are gay but also to the British taxpayer for there is overwhelming evidence that not only does Nigeria openly steal foreign aid but as a producer of oil it is more than capable of supporting itself.

Here is a country that is drowning in corruption but can still afford its own space programme; something that Britain with its massive national debt of nearly £1.4 trillion evidently cannot.

If you really want a reason why Britain should cut off the supply of foreign aid to Nigeria, and indeed a few other regimes operated by despot dictators then read the articles below:

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The articles above are just the tip of the iceberg as to how British taxpayers are being fleeced from billions of pounds annually with almost no public accountability and where time and time again investigations have uncovered widespread corruption that allows recipients to live opulent lifestyles whilst their citizens starve to death.

Again Mr. Cameron vows to take decisive action and yet again he turns his back on not only his moral principles but also the will of the voting public for the majority of taxpayer’s feels it’s time Britain’s politicians started thinking about British citizens instead of handing over taxpayer’s money to those who openly steal it.

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More Foreign Aid Provided to Nigeria