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More Taxpayers Money Wasted on Drug Addicts

More Taxpayers Money Wasted on Drug Addicts

MORE TAXPAYERS MONEY WASTED ON DRUG ADDICTS – I doubt very much if anyone starts out using drugs with the intention of becoming an addict.

On that note it is also widely accepted that people accept the fact that drugs are dangerous and highly addictive; which can only lead to the conclusion that considering our knowledge to the harmful effects of drugs nobody should start using them in the first instance.

Unfortunately the world is made up of very irrationally minded individuals with some who are convinced they are able to control their consumption of drugs; yes we often hear the mantra that ‘I’m not an addict just a recreational user.’

If ever there was a ridiculous notion then that has to be one of the all-time greats.

Recently, as you can see from the video below, Russell Brand and Peter Hitchens went head to head on drug abuse. From the Russell Brand camp we had the debate that drug addicts need better care and support and from Peter Hitchens, we had the notion that we should start treating the use of drugs as the crime that it is and therefore start enforcing the law properly.

Today we now have the Wedinos (Welsh Emerging Drugs and Identification of Novel Substances Project) website; which is a taxpayer funded entity to assist health professionals and the police to check the ingredients of suspect pills and powders.

That in itself is not such a bad idea but the content of the website is beyond what most people would conceive as being sensible or indeed a help in reducing the number of people using drugs.

Wedinos Drug Advice

As you can see it clearly advises people how to take drugs when in fact it might have been more conducive to public health if they had listed the effects of drug taking, abuse and ultimately addiction.

Recently we had Friends star Matthew Perry appear in a debate; again alongside Peter Hitchens.  The discussion was heated with Matthew Perry declaring that specialist drug courts needed setting up in order to deal with drug related crimes; the suggestion being that those sitting in judgment should be reformed addicts.


Friends Star Matthew Perry Debates the Use of Specialist Drugs Courts

Finding a Solution to the War on Drugs

If you’ve never seen the effects that drugs can have on a person then read the article below for this deals with the specific subject of meth abuse; you’re about to witness the transformation of healthy people into what are little more than the walking dead.


The Disturbing Effects of Meth Abuse

The Wedinos project has cost the taxpayer £103,000 to set up and has an annual budget of £90,500 to keep it in operation.  Maybe they should have come and had a chat with me as it cost me less than £150 to set up and with operating costs half of what the taxpayer is forced to hand over to Wedinos.

The issue here is whether society will continue to tolerate the widespread use of drugs or whether they will take a stand and demand that the current laws are enforced so that punishment can be handed down.

The truth is we all have a choice; that is we know the risks involved in such an action and therefore certain quarters of society are asking why drug addicts should be treated differently from other criminals; after all in most cases the consumption of drugs was by their own free will.

Certainly rehabilitation has produced some results but again the perception from some is that if our justice system took a much harder line on drug users then maybe the zero tolerance messages would get across therefore reducing the need to rehabilitate people in the first instance.

What is shocking is why anyone could conceive such a website that provides advice on ‘safe’ drug use is beyond rationale for there clearly is no way to ‘safely’ consume any illegal drug.

Considering our current criminal justice system doesn’t support the use of illegal narcotics it might be perceived that such a website is merely advocating criminal activity and therefore shouldn’t be allowed to exist, let alone be funded by the taxpayer.

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