More Thai Brutality as Thai Guys Beat Up Defenseless Girl

If the issue of the British family on holiday getting a vicious and unprovoked attack wasn’t enough to dissuade foreign tourists from visiting this foul, violent and disgusting society known as Thailand then maybe this next one will.

Yes in true Thai fashion, known at Thainess, a group of Thai male thugs kick the living daylights out of a helpless and defenseless Loathian girl; giving her a severe beating on the orders of a Thai women as the Loathian girl was accused of seeing her husband.

Yes we can agree that finding out that your husband is having an affair can cause anger but who in their right mind would essentially enlist a group of men to go out and viciously beat a girls within inches of her life … normal and standard practice in Thailand where human life has no value.

Here’s the beating this girl took. We warn you it is extremely graphic and will almost certainly disturb any decent and right minded person.

More on this can be found at - says …

If this doesn’t convince you to stay away and vacation somewhere else then nothing will.  We constantly talk about humanity and the atrocities that occur around the world and then quickly turn a blind eye to it when we find it convenient to do so.  We can all make a difference and in this case it would be to abandon Thailand as a tourist destination until the police and authorities make considerable changes and curb the on-going violence.

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