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Mother Confronts Drunk Driver Who Left Her Son Brain Damaged for Life

Mother Confronts Drunk Driver Who Left Her Son Brain Damaged for Life

MOTHER CONFRONTS DRUNK DRIVER WHO LEFT HER SON BRAIN DAMAGED FOR LIFE – Forgiveness… it is of course we are told the most humanitarian act that can be bestowed on another human being; but how do you forgive an habitual drink driver who left a 2 year old boy, now 7 years old, with permanent brain damage?

This is the predicament of Loubna Khader whose car was ploughed into by Steward Richardson at a stop light and despite her then 2 year old son being strapped into a child safety seat, he was left brain damaged for life.

Looking at the image below it is almost unbelievable that anyone survived such a horrific crash and yet both mother and son did survive but for little Abdallah Khader, he was left with permanent brain damage.

Mother Confronts Drunk Driver - Image 2

In Mr. Richardson’s state of drunkenness he smashed into the back of the Khader family car which resulted in leaving Abdallah Khader with 80 per cent of his brain being destroyed; he is now unable to walk, talk or feed himself and requires 24 hour care.

Mother Confronts Drunk Driver - Image 3

Mr. Richardson, who is currently awaiting an appeal in the case, said that he wanted to meet Loubna so that he could finally face her 5 years later and tell her just how sorry he was and that there isn’t a moment that goes by that he doesn’t think of them and the devastation he has caused to their lives.

After 5 years, Loubna finally confronted the man who effectively took her son’s life but as you can see from the video above she wasn’t there to forgive but to rather ensure Mr. Richardson was fully aware of the pain and heartache his selfish act has caused.

As Mr. Richardson continued to apologise it was clear that Loubna was not interested in his apologies, in fact she found it to be hollow and meaningless; there are some who are voicing the idea that Mr. Richardson’s reasons for agreeing to meet Loubna and apologies are nothing more than an attempt to assist with his up and coming appeal.

For Loubna, meeting Mr. Richardson was the start of the healing process and she noted that she did feel better after confronting him.  However, Loubna feels there can never be any forgiveness for a man that effectively took her son’s life.

As for Mr. Richardson, he told reporters that he wanted to meet Loubna to let her know just how sorry he was, to let them know that he loves them and to stand up for the mistake he made.

He went on to say that he keeps all the news clippings of the accident in his cell as a constant reminder of the damage he has done and that each day he prays for the family.

Currently his appeal remains on hold whilst prosecutors request prior drunk driving (DUI) charges to be taken into consideration; it is the view of prosecutors that Mr. Richardson is a habitual drink driver.

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Forgiveness?  Could you?

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