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Mother of Murdered British Doctor Confronts Syrian Peace Delegates

Mother of Murdered British Doctor Confronts Syrian Peace Delegates

MOTHER OF MURDERED BRITISH DOCTOR CONFRONTS SYRIAN PEACE DELEGATES – The British mother, Mrs. Fatima Khan, of murdered doctor Abbas Khan is looking for an answer as to why the Syrian Government murdered her son.

In order to get her questions answered Mrs. Khan confronted the Syrian delegates yesterday in Geneva amidst peace talks.

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There can be no question as to the bitterness Mrs. Khan feels towards the Syrian Government; after all her son was a man who took an oath to heal the sick and dedicated his life to such a cause.

There are few noble professions but certainly in our view the medical profession has to be one of the most dignified of humanitarian occupations which leads us to ask how anyone could murder a person whose job it is to save the lives of others.

The Syrian Civil War is no longer a two-way struggle for power; that being the fight between the Syrian Government and the Syrian Rebels for long ago a darker more disturbing element came into the affray, that being Islamic terrorists which has effectively turned the war into a battle of whether Syria will end up with a dictator or a terrorist organisation leading the country.

Dr. Khan died last month whilst in Syrian Government custody; the circumstance of his death are highly suspicious as medical examiners noted that his femoral artery on his left thigh had been cut indicating that his captors might have flushed his system of any narcotics prior or after hanging him.

Despite calling on the Syrian authorities not to embalm his body on learning of his death this was also ignored leading to even more suspicion as to how he was treated during his time at the hands of Syrian Government forces.

The distraught Mrs. Khan eventually had to be lead away by UN security staff as she screamed at Syrian delegates to answer her questions.

The question is whether Mrs. Khan will ever receive justice for the murder of her son. Frankly we could suggest that such a concept is ridiculous and for a number of reasons.

Firstly, for any conception of justice in this case would have seen Mrs. Khan being invited into the peace talks so that she could adequately confront and press for answers she so desperately needs in order to find closure to her son’s death.

Secondly, the peace talks are merely the United Nations going through the motions of yet more rhetoric, for peace is not what is being sought but rather power from all opposing sides.

Will any of them ever answer Mrs. Khan’s questions and will any of them ever agree to step back from the prospect of control… most unlikely which will simply result in a prolonged era of internal conflict that will continue putting innocent lives at risk from the atrocities levelled at them from the three opposing factions.

Many people feel that Western nations should become involved in order to put an end to the bloodshed but as we have adequately learned from the conflicts in both Iraq and Afghanistan once religious ideology comes into the fold then there can be no peace and ultimately no end to the conflict.

Certainly we must grieve alongside Mrs. Khan for a good man’s life was taken unlawfully and a man who dedicated his life to ensure others could live full and satisfying lives.

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