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Mothers Want More Time to Care for their Children

Mothers Want More Time to Care for their Children

MOTHERS WANT MORE TIME TO CARE FOR THEIR CHILDREN – For a number of years the Government has insisted that mothers would rather work than stay home caring for their children and to this end the Government have provided a number of schemes in order to get more mothers back to work.

A new survey has just revealed that the Government has gotten the entire situation wrong as it revealed that more than one third of all working mothers would like to give up work completely in order to stay at home and care for their children.

The survey goes on to indicate that the only reason mothers work is because the bills need paying; if their partners earned more or there was better financial Government support then they would in fact stop working.

The reach was carried out by the Department of Employment and titled ‘Childcare and Early Years Survey, in which approximately 64,000 parents were interviewed between November 2012 and June 2013.

The survey showed that 64% of mothers with children under the age of 15 are now in full time employment; this figure is up by a significant 60% on the previous year.

Such a marked increase also indicates that the Government’s welfare reforms are having a positive impact regarding more people being forced back work.

The survey also revealed that 57% of mothers would rather work significantly fewer hours and dedicate more time to their children; if it was affordable to do so.

Some 23% of those interviewed said they would work more hours if it was convenient and providing they could find affordable and adequate childcare.

Of those mothers working in senior positions some 67% noted that they would rather work fewer hours or not at all so that they could devote all their time to their children.

As for the cost of childcare; under half revealed that the cost was easily affordable and that nearly half of all parents used day-care centres.

Well that’s the bones of the research which according to the Department of Employment clearly shows that most mothers would rather be with their children rather than working.

Critics are now berating the Government for the lack of support and that the ‘traditional’ choice of bringing up children is being denied to millions of women.

Certainly many ‘traditional’ things are of a bygone era; men are no longer viewed as the sole bread winners and in fact the liberal women’s movement ensured they had the equal opportunities to that of their male counterparts; isn’t that what they wanted?

Personally I find this survey and the views of those mothers involved offensive and for a number of reasons.

You want equality but only when it suits you.  Yes you want that promotion and you’re none too happy when the position is given to a man.

Of course then women and their partners take the decision to have children but affordability appears to be put to one side for society, or rather other taxpayer’s, are expected to pick up the bill.

There’s also the cost to the company; I suspect it’s the reason many women of birth giving age are not promoted for companies are fully aware of the cost once a woman falls pregnant and then requires maternity leave; so whose caring about the cost to the company?

The critic’s talk of removing a woman’s ‘traditional’ right to bring up children but traditionally, before welfare and equal rights, a woman’s place was in the home and the husband was the sole provider.

Yes, of course we now view such as draconian so what do women want, traditional or modern reality.

You simply cannot have your cake and eat it and therefore you need to make a decision.

As for being supported by the taxpayer; this has to be the most ludicrous and offensive form of welfare currently supported by the left-wing liberals.

I’ve said this before and I will say it again… when the taxpayer is prepared to allow me to purchase a new BMW with the assistance of welfare then I’ll start agreeing with Child Benefits.

Yes, that statement might appear ridiculous but consider that both are a lifestyle choice; that is I have a choice as to whether I purchase a BMW the same way a woman does when having a child.

The question here is why should the taxpayer cough up for someone’s lifestyle choice?

We no longer live in traditional times, if we did women wouldn’t have the vote and children would be seen and not heard.  We have moved on and whether our social development has been for the better is highly debatable, but the fact remains that people have a choice when it comes to having children and it’s about time women started to realise that all things are not equal.

Yes, that might come as a bit of a shock but we’re not dealing in fantasy here we’re dealing with the harsh realities of life and the choices we make have consequences; however, those choices we make as individuals shouldn’t affect other hard working people.

With all we know about welfare it should no longer exist in modern society all but accept supporting the most needy such as the disabled and the elderly – interesting to note at this juncture that in a recent survey over 85% of all disabled people who were unemployed would gladly work if provided with employment.

I’m sure the liberal left-wing brigade will have something to say about what I’ve published here and you’re welcome to say what you want but remember in your indoctrinated world of equalised opportunity this survey was specifically directed at women which dispels any notion of liberal equality.

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  • Dee

    Once again it is about the “wants” I saw no where that it mentioned cutting back on lifestyle choices or the husband-if there is one, working more. Of course women want more time for their family, but few are willing to compromise or do without things to make it happen.
    It would have been interesting to hear how many husbands would be willing to work more so their wives could stay home.

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