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MP Expenses Clearly Out of Control

MP Expenses Clearly Out of Control

MP EXPENSES CLEARLY OUT OF CONTROL – Despite their vast salaries MPs are also permitted to claim for all manner of expenses from the public purse.

Yes, not that long ago the we published an article on how a number of MPs were effectively getting free gas and electricity for their homes on the backs of the austerity strapped taxpayer and at a time when the utility companies were once again putting up the price of heating the home.


Greedy MPs Claiming Gas and Electricity Bills as Expenses

We were also aware how the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA), also within the same period, increased an MPs salary by an inflation busting 11% whilst the average taxpayer was getting an annual rise of less than 1%.


MPs Pay Rise: Are MPs Really Horrified Over the 11 Per Cent Pay Rise?

It’s all died down now; that is people seem to have forgotten the £10,000 pay rise, the £5,000 charge to the expense accounts of MPs seeking a refund for the cost of heating their homes or how MPs charge their mortgages to the public for buying a property near Westminster.

The list of course goes on and on and you often wonder if it can get any worse.

With all the scandals being dragged out in the media and with the public showing utter outrage and contempt for those politicians that are not affected by the austerity measures they impose upon the public, it was of little surprise that after being rumbled, the politicians took steps to reform the system so that MPs could no longer abuse their expense accounts.

How effective have the reforms been and is the abuse being curbed? The answer really depends on how you view abuse of the public coffers, for whilst expenses for larger sums appears to have been brought under some control it now appears that MPs will basically claim for almost anything.

This week it was announced that David Cameron actually charged the public for a 7p bulldog clip and a further 38p for a staple remover.

Certainly he is entitled to be reimbursed for legitimate expenses but you have to consider that someone had to be paid to fill out all the forms in order to reclaim the expense.

You would think in this time of austerity that people like Mr. Cameron would insist that people’s time, at the cost of the taxpayer, would be better put to use elsewhere instead of having to fill out forms to claim just 7p.

During the height of the British Empire where Britain ruled a quarter of the globe the entire administration system was operated by just 4,000 people; yes that’s right just 4,000 civil servants managed to administer, quite effectively, a quarter of the globe.

In 2014, Britain has clearly removed the ‘Great’ for it is no longer an economical powerhouse, a military force to be reckoned with nor is it the industrious and innovative nation it once was; certainly Britannia doesn’t rule the waves and no longer do with control vast swathes of the world’s population.

All that effectively remains is a tiny island that’s approximately 1,000 miles, as the crow flies from end to end and yet it now takes an army of no less than 500,000 civil servants to administer.

If you ever wondered what went wrong then it should now be obvious for not only do our politicians not care about the public they are unequivocally incompetent to the point they need to employ and army of people to do the actual job they are employed to do.

Yes it would appear that Mr. Cameron isn’t even capable of filling out his own expense sheet and needs several people to take care of those paper clip expenses and anything else he can rack up.

Quite frankly Britain is sinking under the weight of bureaucracy and when it comes down to worrying about claiming 7p for a stationery item you really do have to start questioning their moral fortitude and judgment for here is a man with an estimated personal fortune of £4 million who is worried about 7p and is willing to spend a approximately four times that amount on employing someone to fill out a form to reclaim it.

Am I really the only one that finds this offensive?

Let’s not put all the blame on Mr. Cameron, for the likes of the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is equally as bad if not worse.

Last year Mr Hunt made a profit of over £17 million from the sale of his educational resources company and yet he claimed a whole 5p for a paperclip, 8p for a page marker and went all out with a 41p black folder.

£17 million in the bank, plus a six figure salary as a Minister and he’s worried about a total of 54p for a bit of stationery?

Again Mr. Hunt is not alone, there are literally dozens of MPs claiming everything from a 50p note pad to a 30p doughnut; yes that’s right those doughnuts and chocolate biscuits in addition to the well stocked cellar are all provided by the taxpayer and at a time where many people are struggling to put food on the table you have the likes of William Hague carefully selecting the finest wines in order to treat visiting dignitaries.

There’s more of this story on the Daily Mail but brace yourself for what you will witness is nothing less than stupidity, incompetence, a disdain for us minions and a level of greed that is probably unmatched by Midas himself.

You might be thinking that it’s all good, for in less than 18 months you can vote out Mr. Cameron and his merry band of incompetents and install something a little better.

Unfortunately, as the Daily Mail reveals, there is nothing to choose between Labour, Tory or the Liberal Democrats; they are all effectively well off and all are worrying more about reclaiming the cost of a 7p stationery item than they are sorting out the real issues of Britain in the hope that one day we might be able to prefix Britain with the word Great once again.

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