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MP Nadine Dorries Feels MPs are Underpaid Even with the Recent Pay Rise

MP Nadine Dorries Feels MPs are Underpaid Even with the Recent Pay Rise

MP NADINE DORRIES FEELS MPS ARE UNDERPAID EVEN WITH THE RECENT PAY RISE – One MP, Nadine Dorries, came out to defend the recent 11% pay rise awarded by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) but it’s caused a backlash with readers.

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Time for me to have a good old rant …The article published in the Daily Mail by Nadine Dorries was nothing short of an attempt at self-pity in order to garner public sympathy and dare I say understanding from the taxpaying public.

Let’s just break down what Nadine Dorries has to say…

Nadine Dorries MP

For starters she feels that David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband have no place to criticise the IPSA’s 11% pay rise award for MPs.  Her argument is that each of them are millionaires in their own right, earning six figure sums themselves in office and all have wives that earn far more than they do.

Those assertions are pure fact; indeed the three of them have access around £500,000 a year when combining their incomes with their wives.  Ms. Dorries feels that they have no right to neither admonish the pay rise nor call upon MPs to reject it; even thought they are technically unable to do so.

What I fail to understand is why Ms. Dorries brought up their wives; each of them work for their salaries which falls outside of the public purse, that is they work for themselves or private companies and therefore has nothing to do with politics or a politician’s earnings.

Ms. Dorries then goes on to state how hard she works; yes a whole 80 hours a week she purports to be grinding away for the interest of her constituents – I wonder if that included her time on ‘I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here?’

Ms. Dorries even had the audacity to moan about the numerous nights she has to spend away from home due to Government business; in fact she states that she’s living away from home at least four nights out of seven nights a week – I doubt very much however if she’s slumming it in some rundown 2 star affair in order to provide financial relief to the taxpayer.

It might appear that Ms. Dorries is not at all happy in her chosen job – I won’t refer to it as a profession for there is nothing professional about being a politician; in fact any idiot could do the job and this has become evident over the years when you look at the level of incompetency and which few are ever relieved of their position for such failings.

Maybe Ms. Dorries should find another job and spare us her rhetorical tears; I hear Tesco’s pays above minimum wage for forty hours a week and there are millions of taxpayer’s in such jobs.

Many members of the taxpaying public are forced to work double shifts just to make ends meet after having been fleeced by the Government in which they in turn waste the taxpayer’s money.

Ms. Dorries spoke to a Head Teacher and a GP whom both earned twice what she makes as an MP; yes Ms. Dorries was outraged that these people were awarded so much whilst she was made to struggle by on £74,000 a year.

Of course what Ms. Dorries failed to mention is that both examples are highly trained professionals; one with the admirable task of educating our children whilst the other trained for years in order to help people in times of sickness and life threatening situations.

I doubt very much Ms. Dorries could ever attest that her job is one that carries such nobility; no in fact her job is to take care of the public’s interest, something that is severely lacking in Parliament – the issue over an EU referendum is testament to that fact for if politicians really listened to the public then an EU referendum would already have been provided long ago.

According to Ms. Dorries, the ISPA simply awarded a pay rise in line with Government policy and within this the IPSA removed most of the perks and benefits, including the very lucrative pension.

Yes it’s heartbreaking to think that Ms. Dorries won’t be able to retire on £100,000 a year but there again which pensioner does… Oh yes that would be those who have had their snouts in the public trough for years at the taxpayer’s expense.

Ms. Dorries goes on to say that she’s worried that the level of MP pay won’t attract young people into politics and indeed she has evidence that shows a decline in people wanting to be part of Government.

I would suggest to Ms. Dorries it’s not so much the money but rather the stigma that is attached to the job; that is most people feel they are far too forthright and honest in order immerse themselves in the filth that we call Government.

As you might have concluded by now I’m a little miffed; in fact I’m outraged at Ms. Dorries declarations that she, along with other MPs, are in some way hard done by.  She talks of spending years knocking on doors in order to garner sufficient public support so that eventually she gets supported by the public.

Finally Ms. Dorries talks of courage and judgement to make the right decisions in order to award MPs vast salaries so that they can attract people of high moral standing that the public will trust to run the country.

I nearly choke on my bacon butty, for that statement was probably the most offensive thing I’ve ever read.

I guarantee if you took a poll tomorrow it’s unlikely you would find a sane taxpaying member of the public who doesn’t think that the entire House of Commons and House of Lords isn’t full to the rafters with thieves and liars whose only remit is to financially rape the taxpayer for all they are worth.

There are millions of families who scrap by on minimum wage and Ms. Dorries ought to consider herself lucky I’m not in charge of the IPSA for she, along with all the other incompetent fools would either be out of a job or subjected to working on minimum wage, for I simply couldn’t justify to the taxpaying public of paying them any more than what they rightfully deserve.

For more insight into who Nadine Dorries is, take a look at Wikipedia

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