MP Warns Cameron to Curb Vilifying Immigration or Lose the Ethnic Vote

MP Warns Cameron to Curb Vilifying Immigration or Lose the Ethnic Vote

MP WARNS CAMERON TO CURB VILIFYING IMMIGRATION OR LOSE THE ETHNIC VOTE – Tory MP Mark Field has warned David Cameron to stop banging on about immigration as it might well turn people ‘with black skin’ against the Tory Party.

According to Mr. Field the continuous rhetoric and scaremongering over the Right of Free Movement will inevitably alienate the ethnic minorities and as they increasingly make up a larger proportion of the population it might result in the Torys not being able to secure their vote.

Mr. Field concedes that focusing on immigration does resonate with the public’s concerns however these ethnic minorities, the ones with brown and black skin, according to Mr. Field, may feel as if the Conservative Party is treating them like ‘second-class’ citizens and will therefore abandon supporting the party. says …

We’ve read some delusional clap-trap in our time but oh boy, Mr. Field has lost the plot entirely; in fact he’s now successfully added to the woes of the Conservative Party for he is making the classic mistake of turning the issues of immigration from economic problems to being interpreted as purely racist.

When will people understand that protecting the nation from every lay-about, freeloader and criminal is not about ethnic cleansing, racial profiling or indeed racism but purely a way to ensure that Britain can survive and dare we say, prosper.

Remember carefully what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had to say… “Judge a man not by the colour of his skin but by the content of his character.”

It is a poignant message but sadly in today’s ‘politically correct’ arena Dr. King, if he had uttered such words today, would have been vilified due to using the term ‘man’ and ‘his’ – yes, it is politically incorrect according to the liberal nut-jobs who continue to try and silence us with all manner of political correctness and as such the would be suitably offended by Dr.King’s speech.

That’s by the by, but Dr. King’s message should retain its purpose and that is that the colour of a ‘persons’ skin should bear no relevance to their intentions.

We must realise that Britain has an increasing aging population and therefore we need migrants who will come, work and contribute to society.  The trouble here is that David Cameron has been incompetent in over failing to tackle this issue much sooner.

We are now at the 11th hour and only now does Mr. Cameron feel it sensible to put in place a number of laws to prevent possible abuse of our welfare, housing, health and education system – the only trouble is with this ploy is that it is in fact illegal.

Any measures that Mr. Cameron decides to use to prevent the abuse from what is perceived to be mainly an Eastern European issue, will now been seen by the liberals as a measure of ethnic profiling and therefore racists.

In turn, the EU will simply waive the documents that were signed in front of Mr. Cameron and warn him that any moves to block Eastern Europeans will contravene the law and therefore Britain will end up in the dock; it’ll be yet another bill the taxpayer will be forced to pay.

Britain, under the stewardship of Mr. Cameron and his merry band of fools, has lost its way and have been coerced under the ideology that ‘united we stand, divided we fall’.

It is of course a noble idea that European nations can work together for the greater good but it is clear that those in power within Brussels are simply there to financially rape the EU taxpayer and as such, nothing beneficial has or ever will come out of such a union.

There is only one course of action left open for Britain and that is to pull out of the EU; this will allow us to deport all those who do not have the right to be in Britain and then put in place effective border controls.

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