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MPs Accuse Ministers of Importing Crime from Romania and Bulgaria

MPs Accuse Ministers of Importing Crime from Romania and Bulgaria

MPS ACCUSE MINISTERS OF IMPORTING CRIME FROM ROMANIA AND BULGARIA – A number of MPs have today accused Ministers of allowing crime to be openly imported as they have failed to tackle the core issues of the EU Right of Free Movement legislation due to take effect on 1 January.

Long have the British public demanded to know what impact the Right of Free Movement will have on Britain and despite continuous calls for the information, the Government has simply ignored such requests by simply retorting that ‘it won’t be that bad.’

There remain two underlying questions; firstly does the Government have clue as to how many Romanians and Bulgarians will come to Britain or secondly is Government simply clueless.

Most of the pickpockets who have been caught are children who are in turn run by criminal Romanian gangs – this is organised crime at its worst as the Romanian gangs are fully aware that authorities are unable to prosecute young children.

Many suspect that the Government does have statistics and is refusing to answer questions or divulge the information due to its onerous content.

Today Tory MP Philip Hollobone hit out at Ministers by stating that current crime statistics from those Romanians and Bulgarians currently living in Britain is ‘really quite startling’.

A large number of MPs and indeed members of the public feel that Britain is about to import a crime wave which will be uncontrollable.

A number of other MPs questioned why the Government hasn’t drawn up estimated figures in order to supply vital information to our schools, hospitals and police so that they might prepare themselves adequately for what is to come.

Despite being aware of the pending issues, Mr. Cameron and his Ministers have done little to tackle the problems mass immigration will inevitably cause and only now are they attempting to rush through laws that will prevent Romanians and Bulgarians accessing welfare for at least the first three months after entering Britain.

Such a move has already be declared illegal and will ultimately land Britain in the dock at the European Court of Justice; it is expected that not only will the British taxpayer be subjected to any fines imposed by the EU, they will also be forced to hand over back-payments and on-going welfare payments to anyone that demands it.

Tory MP Philip Hollobone went on to state some disturbing facts; such as Romanians are seven times more likely to be arrested in London than a British national.  Currently Romanians account for more than 11% of all foreign offenders, despite their numbers being minute in proportion to the rest of the population; something that could well change once the doors are opened.

Romanian Gypsies in London - Image 1

According to current statistics, Romanians accounted for almost half of all the arrests made for the offence of begging and 1/3 of all the arrests for pickpocketing in London.

Tory MP Philip Hollobone also stated that as a ‘Special Constable’ with the British Transport Police on the London Underground he has first-hand experience in dealing with this problem; a problem that is growing by the day and will become worse once Britain can no longer deny them entry.

Mr. Hollobone didn’t hold back; he suggested that the Government’s refusal to divulge or indeed find out how many Romanians and Bulgarian plan on coming to Britain is a failure of its ‘basic duty’ to the taxpayer and is ‘disgusted’ at how the Government is failing the taxpayer.

According to Labour MP Keith Vaz, the Government doesn’t in fact have a clue how many will come because they simply could not be bothered to ask experts to compile such information.

Yesterday Sir David Metcalf, the chairman of the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) told MPs in the House of Commons that he didn’t have any figures on the issue because Ministers never gave such a request to compile and supply them.

What are the figures?  Again there are only estimates; the Bulgarian Government states that it expects some 10,000 Bulgarians to move to Britain.  The Romanian Government puts a figure of approximately 20,000 and expects a combined figure of around 50,000.

Leader of UKIP Nigel Farage estimates that Bulgaria and Romania have a combined population of 29 million and when a population lives in abject poverty and there’s a free lunch waiting it’s likely the lot of them will take up the offer; Mr. Farage suspects much larger numbers will migrate and spread out across all EU member states including Britain.

The only course of action now available to the British taxpayer is to brace themselves for what many feel will be an onslaught.  Due to the failings of Mr. Cameron and his cabinet the British taxpayer could now well be exposed to economic ruin and a downfall that Britain may well never be able to recover from.

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