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MPs Demand Cameron Stops Giving Foreign Aid to Rich Countries

MPs Demand Cameron Stops Giving Foreign Aid to Rich Countries

MPS DEMAND CAMERON STOPS GIVING FOREIGN AID TO RICH COUNTRIES – With a campaign by the Daily Mail, in which people can sign a petition to divert Foreign Aid to help the flood victims in the UK, reaching nearly 160,000 its obvious what the public wants and yet Mr. Cameron refuses to bow to public demand and the demands of other MPs.

Obviously Mr. Cameron has no interest in democracy and even less about the plight of the UK flood victims.

In one sentence Mr. Cameron vows that money is no object in helping people during this crisis and yet in another he warns that this is not a ‘blank cheque’.

A number of MPs today called on the Government to halt all foreign aid all but for the poorest of countries; they went on to say that instead of handing out cash to nations such as Ghana, Nigeria, Pakistan and India these should be offered cheap loans as an alternative.

Yes that would effectively mean that instead of the UK taxpayer being forced to buy the President of Nigeria another private jet out right we would simply have to provide a loan at a very low interest rate.

To a degree foreign aid is a good idea but like anything this or any other government does it’s full of holes, incompetency, inefficiencies and above all corruption which is why countries like Nigeria have a President that lives the life of a billionaire whilst his people live in abject poverty and squalor.

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Currently the Government allocates £11 billion a year to Foreign Aid, a sum that equates to 0.7% of the national income.

Despite a failing economy and taxpayer’s being hit with every conceivable austerity measure it certainly appears that Mr. Cameron is far more concerned with allowing African state dictators to effectively steal from the UK taxpayer than he does about the citizens whose lives are being devastated by the floods; the Met Office yesterday gave more warning of torrential rain and gales over the weekend – once again we face more turmoil.

At such times of overwhelming public support Mr. Cameron and indeed every other Minister and MPs needs to realise that their job is to bow to the majority will of the people; that is after all how a democracy is supposed to work.

So where’s the money coming from?  According to the delusional fools in parliament it’ll come from the Treasury.  Yes the Treasury does have a contingency fund but only as far as being able to borrow more money.

The UK is broke and £1.4 trillion in debt so to assume that someone can open the door to the Treasury and have access to a pile of cash is ludicrous.

Yes I know you’re probably thinking that the Chancellor George Osborne recently announced that the economy grew by 1.9% and that we are now seeing the economy recover.

What that actually means is that Mr. Osborne won’t have to borrow quite as much this year as he did last year but regardless he’ll certainly be adding to the £1.4 trillion debt pile we currently have.

On top of this fact there’s also the warnings from the economic experts that the UK’s economic recovery is being fuelled by personal debt; that is people using their credit cards in order to pay their mortgages, household bill and other expenses.


Personal Debt Soaring at Alarming Rate

No economy can be built nor survive on debt; it’s one of the reasons why the Government has been pushing for so many welfare reforms in the last 18 months because the welfare system is increasing national debt at an alarming rate.

The Department for International Development (DFID) is being asked to draw up a timetable for the withdrawal of foreign aid altogether from the likes of Ghana, Nigeria, Pakistan, India and others.

The very fact that the DFID needs asking to undertake such a task clearly shows the failings of the DFID for it obviously should have been working on such a plan instead of just blindly handing over billions of pounds annually with little or no control over how the money is used or where the money actually ends up.

You might think that the DFID would halt payments to nations such as Nigeria after discovering that the UK taxpayer had in fact been funding a billionaire’s lifestyle for its dictator and yet that is clearly not the case and further reveals the level of contempt the British Government has for its own citizens.

Now I said contempt and certainly that is the case but it has to be asked as to whether those in Government and the DFID are actually on the take for any logical person with any sense of morality would have put a stop to this debacle years ago.

It could be said that this is simply speculation or indeed a conspiracy theory but in a recent report revealed that in 2006/07 spending on the poorest countries dropped by 85% and a further drop of 65% occurred this year… why?

Could it be that certain officials are not getting the illicit corrupt kickbacks?  Again at this point pure speculation but we already have clear evidence that the Foreign Aid system is rife with corruption with the misappropriation of funds and the DFID does nothing to curb the abuse.

Mr. Cameron is now talking about offering £5,000 grants to households affected by the floods so that they may undertake improvements to increase their homes flood defences yet last year the DFID handed over £197 million to Nigeria, £189.2 million to Pakistan, £292 million to India and Ghana received £51.8 million.

It is obvious that Mr. Cameron really doesn’t care and why should he; after all he has several homes to choose from and when the going gets a little too tough he’ll just book another holiday in the sun whilst the UK is subjected to mass flooding.

As yet I am astounded why there hasn’t been a call for a vote of ‘no confidence’ so that the public don’t have to wait another 18 months to remove him from office.

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