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MPs Get a Massive 11 Per Cent Pay Rise

MPs Get a Massive 11 Per Cent Pay Rise

MPS GET A MASSIVE 11 PER CENT PAY RISE – Millions of taxpayer’s will be shaking their heads in despair as the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) is expected this week to sign off on the pay rise which will see MPs salaries rise by a staggering £7,600 per year.

It has to be acknowledged that a number of MPs from all three of the major party’s opposed such a pay hike considering the average working person receives less than a 1 per cent pay increase and many are struggling by on minimum wage as austerity measures continues to squeeze harder.

David Cameron recently announced that such a pay rise was ‘unthinkable’ in times when the average British family was subjected to continuing hardship.

The IPSA is likely to announce the pay rise early next week and defend the rise by stating that this amount is offset by the intensification of its crackdown on perks and expense accounts – yes it will appear to the taxpayer that the IPSA is taking with one hand and then simply filling the pockets of politicians with the other.

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MPs of course no longer have the ability to vote on any pay rises the IPSA decides and again this will be seen as little more than subversion by MPs to get their hands on more taxpayer’s money.

The increase in pay will see MPs’ salaries increase from £66,396 to £74,000; a sum that will be contended by the public as little more than legalised theft of public money considering an MPs working week and the continuous stream of expenses they are permitted to claim.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg announced that each MP should decide for themselves whether or not to accept the pay increase whilst Labour leader Ed Miliband stated that he would cancel the pay award if elected in 2015 and restrict any increase in pay to just 1 per cent.

Despite Mr. Clegg’s remarks the IPSA last night declared that MPs would not be permitted to turn down the pay rise; again leaving the voting public astonished at how much power the IPSA wields.

“It’s automatic. If they want to, they can give it to a stray cat’s home, that’s up to them.” IPSA spokesman

The remark above will almost certainly be adopted by the voting public as an acknowledgement of how out of touch and flippant the IPSA is with public sentiment and once again the ‘old boy’s school network’ will be seen by many as a few taking care of the few.

It was in July of this year that the IPSA announced the idea that a pay rise should be awarded before the start of the next Parliament in 2015 and under the system no MP is permitted to either vote or veto what the IPSA recommends.

According to the IPSA the increase will offset perks provided to MPs in which the IPSA stated that such will save the taxpayer some £4.6 million annually; this measure includes a less generous pension plan, restricting travel allowance and all other manner of expenses that the voting public find offensive.

When you look closely it is obvious that the IPSA have simply taken measures to reduce an MPs expense account by inflating their salaries in order to cover the short fall; it is unlikely that any taxpayer is going to find such a practice acceptable but they certainly have become accustomed to viewing Parliament as little more than Alibaba’s cave of thieves and liars.

Again the British public are going to be told that the austerity measures are critical if Britain’s economy is to recover and whilst many MPs hope to avoid public admonishment by stating that the IPSA’s decision is out of their hands it was of course the MPs who gave the ISPA its power and appointed people that they all went to school with – this is nothing short of skullduggery.

There are those in Parliament that fully agree with the IPSA’s assessment and pay award but again these are the people where more is never enough and once again clearly shows that Britain really is divided into them and us; for whilst we suffer and struggle to put food in the mouths of our children the likes of Mr. Cameron and Mr. Clegg can afford four or five holiday’s a year and live the good life at the expense of the austerity beaten taxpayer.

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  • MK007

    When a company is not doing well – you dont get a rise…
    What does this teach young people and what does it say to people on social security
    (Apart from get a job as an MP…)